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Ontario SPCA / SPCA not doing their job!

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There is a dog that lives a block away from us that is neglected and the OSPCA will not do a dang thing and it makes me mad. This dog is average size and is in a small outside cage with a doghouse that has no door and is about the size of the dog. I can't imagine the dog even has room to turn around in there. The dog never has any human contact except when my husband goes to visit him and give him treats and the owner decides to feed him once in a while. The owner is gone during the week, he works far away, and only home of the weekends. The temperature gets to -25 or -30 below celcius in the winter time here, and this dog is short haired.

We have complained to the OSPCA on several occasions and all they have done thus far is go to the owner and ask him if he is mistreating his dog in anyway!! Um hello do you really think he is going to tell you the truth?? They should have done a discrete investigation and asked around the neighbors to find the real truth. My husband is making himself sick worrying about this dog and he is to the point he just wants to go and take him home, but of course that is stealing and he would be arrested so I won't let him do that. It's sad that this dog has to suffer like this when there is a caring home willing to take the dog. I don't know why people like this have pets in the first place.

Oh and did I mention the dog is never taken into the house and is never let out of his small cage.

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      1st of May, 2007
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    I have an update on this case. I emailed a guy I think he is the head honcho of the SPCA and here is what he had to say:

    Hi Debbie.

    I had the officer at the Renfrew Branch forward the reports to me, by fax and although I can't read all of the info (fax copies always lose quality) I can determine that the dog is a hound type dog and is provided with adequate food, water, shelter & care and a heated water bowl.

    Please be aware that the Ontario SPCA does not write the laws that exist in Ontario - our politicians do that. The fact is that Ontario has the weakest animal welfare legislation in Canada (something to remember as we are in an election year - feel free to challenge the political candidates in your area). We can't make people give their animals affection or attention, beyond what the law requires them to do.

    I am satisfied that our officers in the Renfrew branch do all that is necessary and all that they can do to help this and all other animals in Renfrew County, using the existing legislation.

    Frankly, I wish that we could make every dog owner provide a heated water bowl in winter!

    I also understand that this particular dog is on a special diet and any "other" food upsets his digestive tract and causes diarrhea, which may cause the dog to lose body condition, so I would encourage you and your husband to refrain from giving the dog any more cookies, etc.

    I trust that this answers your query and I encourage you to discuss this with the staff at the Renfrew branch of the Ontario SPCA should you require further information.


    Hugh Coghill, Acting Chief Inspector
    Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
    16586 Woodbine Ave RR 3
    Newmarket ON L3Y 4W1
    tel: 905-898-7122 or 1-888-668-7722 ext:342
    fax: 905-898-2167

    It seems a heated water bowl is suppose to show that the owner actually cares about the dog, and is more important than anything else, if he cared it wouldn't be stuck in a cage 24 hours a day and hardly ever fed. We got a phone call from the local SPCA today with a news and a threat, they said they went to the owners house every second day (for how long I don't know) and that the owner showed them vet bills. Apparently the dog has a nervous stomach so we are no longer allowed to feed the animal. The dog probably has a bad stomach because it's not fed on a regular basis and never has any kind of human contact except for when my husband visits it. Then the owner of the dog told the SPCA person about someone feeding the dog food he is not suppose to have and how to get it stopped. First off my husband mainly feeds the dog, dog biscuits, how that could hurt a dog I don't know, and second the dog seems like it's starving when my husbands gives him the biscuits every couple of days. The SPCA person told the owner of the dog that he should call the police if this persists, and the SPCA person told my husband that he/she said it too. So if that isn't a threat I don't know what is. So now we can't even go up to the dog to give it the attention it so well deserves, I guess this is the thanks we get for trying to help a defenseless animal. My husband walked by the dog today, as soon as he saw him he started jumping and whining in anticipation of my husbands visit. My husband felt so bad when he had to walk by without visiting the dog and the dog just stopped and watched as my husband walked away, probably wondering what he did wrong to deserve not getting a friendly visit.

    Just last night I saw a commercial on television sponsored by the SPCA trying to get donations, and it stated "NEGLECT IS ABUSED!!" Well that maybe so but if you report it you are wasting your time. This makes me so darn mad!! I used to donate money and other things to the SPCA all the time, but NEVER AGAIN!! I will give my money to a charity that actually cares for the cause they are working for. I will tell you one thing though, when this dog dies from hunger and/or neglect, the SPCA is looking at a huge lawsuit!!

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      13th of May, 2007
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    This is another tragic tale of animal abuse that will go un punished and a law that is on the side of the abuser... makes me so angry. I think the dog should 'go missing' in the night...

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      21st of May, 2007
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    You should start taking pictures and keeping a log, better yet use a video camera, that's helping when there are cases against police. I also agree with the above message, it should go "missing in the night or next time the horrible owner is gone for a long time".

    If you don't do something, this will not only eat at you but your husband too.

    I would stop at nothing!!!

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      12th of Jun, 2007
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    I have an update on the above issue. It's funny you say that the dog should go missing in the night, because that's exactly what happened but I fear it's not in a good way. We told the S.P.C.A that we would be happy to take the dog if all the owner does it keep it in the dang cage it's whole life, but I guess the SPCA didn't send the message on to the owners of the dog, or the owners are so vindictive they didn't want to bother giving the dog to us. One day my hubby passed by there and the cage and the dog were gone and a picnic table put in it's place. I really hope they gave the dog away to a good home and didn't have it put to sleep. Me and my husband have been kept awake at night worrying about this dog. It is so hot and humid here and major moschitoes the dog would be going crazy right now if he were there. Anyway the next time we see an abused dog we are just going to take it and not tell the SPCA because it does no good to do so.

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      12th of Jun, 2007
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    Oh and too missy, I tried to reply to the email you sent but it was bounced back to me saying that the email address doesn't exist.

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