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After ordering 2 pairs of bridesmaids shoes (which were actually very nice but unfortunately the bridesmaids thought they might be too high to wear all day) I returned them following the instructions on the returns form which was e-mailed to me. That was over 1 month ago. I am now £50 out of pocket and being ingnored by WSO. I was patient and waited the advised 30 days for a refund, however 5 weeks on I have sent numerous e-mails asking for information regarding my refund but have still had no response. Despite their website saying that they aim to respond to e-mails within 24 hours - I have been ignored for nearly 3 weeks. I have no idea how to go about getting back the money they have failed to return. DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE.

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  • Ma
      Nov 23, 2010 - Avoid like the plague
    United States

    Bad customer service. There is no phone number to call, only a mobile to text. When you get a response (which takes a while!) you only receive half a message. Sent a message to chase a delivery. They said that it had been sent 2 weeks previous, and when it finally arrived, the postmark was from the day of chasing. Avoid like the plague.

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  • On
      Nov 24, 2010

    The date stamp was not the date your order was sent, we use a time limited stamping service which advised the date the item has to be posted by or the stamp will become invalid. Airmail does not a gaurenteed time scale, of which you where advised. We have replied to all your communications. We are a Mail order company and operate via emials and SMS, this is clearly advised on our website and the reason being means that we can keep a hard copy of all comunicaiton which includes all the repies to yourself. Whilst we understand you are probably not familiar with the various business stamping options in the UK, if you had read the stamp you would see that it clearly advised next to the date on the stamp POST BY, a service which enables stamps to be printed and be valid for a limited time scale.

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  • Pe
      Dec 20, 2011 - No refund and being ignored
    England, South Yorkshire
    United Kingdom

    I purchased my wedding shoes on oct 31st, they were not right so requested a returns form to send the shoes back. They emailed me the form even though I asked for this to be posted. I returned the shoes via my local post office on November the 12th. In December I emailed and requested a refund and an update as to where the shoes had disappeared to. I have emailed more than 5 times and only had one response. I emailed them back the other day after being ignored for well over a month, and gave them 24hrs to get in touch. They haven't been in touch despite threatening to register an official complaint. I need advice as to what to do next please. I am angry, stressed and out of pocket and cannot purchase anymore shoes until I get the refund of £55

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  • Bi
      Mar 12, 2012

    Had same experience. Shoes purchased October 2011 never arrived. Company not replied to emails. They still have my money, I have no shoes. Taken legal advice. About to take legal action.

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  • Bi
      Apr 05, 2012

    If you read other reviews on the web you will see this kind of problem echoed many times. I had a similar experience.

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  • Wi
      Jun 29, 2012 - Stay away from these crooks
    United States

    Ordered a pair of bridesmaid shoes which were never delivered. Despite numerous attempts of emailing the company to receive a refund, they did not respond to emails. The same thing happened to my sister the year before but I didn't realize it was the same company. Do not recommend!

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  • Vi
      Jul 18, 2012 - Stay away from these crooks
    United States

    Both my friend and I ordered a pair of shoes from this site, nothing important only the brides shoes and the bridesmaids! When they failed to show up we were fobbed off with email after email saying we have to wait 2 weeks for royal mail then another 2 weeks for them to submit a claim etc etc... In the end they promised me a refund and said it could be up to 15 days. I waited, no refund-they ignored my emails and when I tried to go through paypal to get my money back paypal said because it was over 45 days there was nothing they could do! Clearly this was the reason for stringing me along-absolute fraudsters! AVOID!

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