Yeah stupid errors. Anyway i think i'll fill the next guy in. Basically online profits now is on of those businesses that send you out a training package and you set stuff up and go on your way. Unfortunatly its not really a traditional online job as such. I personally dont have experience with this, and advise you to keep looking. But the last time i signed up for something just like this it turned out to be one of those systems that relies on new members signing up and signing someone under them in their own business. This is the same as pyramid schemes, except they dont have a product, and these guys probabally do. If it's not that then it's most likely gonna be a bunch of products that you flog off to the net (believe me thats the hard part) and make money on the affiliate marketing. If you want to try that look up and they have heaps of listing of product that can be sold if you can market them. If you want to learn what i been playing with for the past 3 months (yeah, im still trying all their courses), look up My-Data-team and give them a go. They certainly helped me out. Most promisiing so far has been online surveys, under market research.

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