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Do your research and avoid this terrible website! I found this website OnlineBookClub and it seemed like a great idea to try it. I made an account and ordered a review for my book.
When review was finally ready and got posted on their site it was terrible and full of lies! I got only two stars and review was negative.
I asked them to remove it and they said that I have to pay extra money if I want them to remove the review. I refused and got banned.
Please, stay away from this site.

Mar 10, 2017

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  • Sc
      Dec 01, 2017 offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please reach out to me, and I will get this matter resolved for you. If you are having trouble access your account, you can also reach me on Facebook at

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  • Ml
      Apr 26, 2019

    @Scott Hughes I think you should screen your reviewers better. So far, on a scale of 1-10, my experience is a 1. When I paid for a level e review, I expected a level 4. I would not recommend your website to anyone!

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  • Br
      Jul 30, 2018

    How do u get the online Book Club to take down your account? They became mad with my review on a book and started to lie saying I did not follow their guidelines and I did. I did follow their guidelines and they began to show my writings in a way that I never wrote it. I questioned them about this and they said I am banned for being rude. I went to college and I know how to write, I see they did not like what I had to say about their book. I just want my name down from their site. I tried to remove it myself and their system wont let me. I see that they want only good reviews for books that are not worth it. They told me their system is never wrong that's a odd thing to say.

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  • Co
      Nov 15, 2018
    Best Best Advice

    They just let any ignorant person who hasnt even read the book comment and mess up the authors reputation, the reviewer they chose to review my book is anti Christian and agrees with and laughs along with the commentators that have clearly never read the book they are commenting on..sad site..lawyers are getting ready to file a class action lawsuit..get ready.

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  • Fa
      Dec 31, 2018

    Bad experience with ONLINEBOOKCLUB.ORG. Scott assigns readers who have no literature training or credentials to review books. He is better at promoting his website than he is at vetting his reviewers. He sucks in first-time authors who mistake his site for a legitimate marketing venue for books. There are other venues for getting book reviews. Do not betaken in by his scheme. Google for BOOK REVIEWS NO FEE add your genre and you will pull up literary magazines who review books. Some review self-published books. None will ask the author to pay them. Send them a query letter and offer to send them a book if they express interest in reviewing it. You'll probably be out much less than the ONLINEBOOKCLUB.ORG site will attempt to rip you off for.

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  • Ml
      Apr 26, 2019

    @Faith Chatham After my experience, I believe this 110%.

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  • Ml
      Apr 26, 2019

    TAKE MY ADVICE!!! DON'T PAY ONLINEBOOKCLUB.ORG ANYTHING!!! I decided to have my two books reviewed by I paid for the level 4 review, which cost $297 which includes 2 months featured status, guaranteed top level reviewer, entry into 'book of the year', and 1 month turn around time. Here is some history on my books - I paid for two writing apps - ProWritingAid and Grammarly (Both are fantastic) plus, I had both books professionally edited. Now I am NOT naive, and I realize even with both apps and an editor, some mistakes get through. write a review stating one book had all sorts of comma, period and punctuation errors is just ludicrous to me. So this reviewer insists that not only did the mistakes get past both apps, but also a professional editor. Holy Smokes, she must be some kind of genius then.
    My reviewer liked the book and stated it was a good story, but she couldn't get past some of the words I used. Like Permeated or taunt...WHAT!? My advice is, might be okay for readers to read books for free, but it is absolutely NO good for authors. I guess you live and learn by your mistakes. I feel like if I would have spent more money on their ads (Which they hound you for) maybe I would have gotten a better reviewer. Plus, they have false advertising, the turn around time was more like 6-7 weeks. I expected more for the cost of $297. I can't wait to read what they say about my other book. Seriously, I can't wait!! TRULY AN AWFUL WEBSITE!!

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  • Br
      Apr 27, 2019

    @M. L. Taylor Similar experience - it is not that I did not appreciate the review, I did, but the knit-picking was over the top and out of the realm of any literary training. I actually liked the review, but the contradiction, as you point out, when the reviewer says they were fully immersed into my story, but then comments that [paraphrased] if it wasn't for having to do a review, I would not have read the first chapter. Furthermore, taking a single sentence out of the first chapter out of complete context, as you also point out with them having an issue with a few of your word choices, then having the members chastise on the public "flogging" forum such single sentence, again, taken out of context, speaks again to the utter ridiculousness of a contradictory review in itself. The reviewer did state at the end, that the style was not for her, and recommended this story to a certain niche following, but with a caveat to check out a sample chapter. That is a perfectly fine way to put it, but the comment that my said style needs "vast" improvement is again her subjective comment, which again contradicts the following comment in her closing statements. There could have been a more concise/flexible way of explaining this without the blatant hatred and bias for a book that was not even in the reviewer's level of genre enjoyment. Which then takes me to the next part - perhaps when the site says, make sure the "book description" is written to get the best reviewer, I should have taken more heed to such a warning. For example, I should have specifically said - If you are not a fan of the Bond/Thriller formula, do not read my book. If you like to get spoon-fed as a reader, do not read my book... But, then again, always ask yourself, what would Ernest Hemingway do... Take criticism on the chin, and absorb the positive feedback. Perhaps genre fitting and reviewers who understand the basics of literary theory and devices may prove an improvement to this site, and actually reading the "whole book" - but then again maybe pointing out a few comma splices isn't so childish if it's a paid gig... (insert sarcastic smile). Overall, a great reminder that the book you write is not for everyone and it is a subjective world we live in.

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  • Ml
      Jun 11, 2019

    I just thought I would message everyone with an update of the bad review I received from OnlineBookClub.Org. @ScottHughes messaged me shortly after I posted my complaint on this site. He stated that he wished I would have contacted him before I posted here. Me...being my snarky self, replied - exactly what would you have done about the bad review? I mean... a review is a review. After it's done, there is nothing you can do about it. He offered to give the same book another reviewer at no extra cost. I am not going to lie, I hesitated, but in the end, I accepted his offer. The second reviewer gave the same book a glowing review with 4 out of 4 stars and I am extremely happy for it. But the first reviewer left a BAD taste in my mouth. It seemed she set out to hate the book before she even started and it leaves me to question why are some people so nasty? The first reviewer (M. M) even went to the second reviewer's posted review and left a remark stating she ALSO reviewed the book and found some area's not up to par. Why? Just Why? Her review was not published for a reason and why did she feel the need to crap on the 4-star review? It's like she had to have the last word or something. I guess some people feel the need to pull other people down and try to damage a possible career they worked so hard for? Why else would she need to make such a disparaging remark after a glowing review? Some people think its a game and act like it's a sport to bring people down. On a side note, @ScottHughes kept his word and I am truly grateful for that. So thank you @ScottHughes.

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  • Al
      Jul 11, 2019

    I had a book reviewed by Online Book Club, and I was very happy with the entire procedure and results.

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