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Just hang up on these people!!! They are no your orginal phone book agency.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Plattsburgh, NYThey will make it sound like you have done business with them forever. Then send you a 500.00 bill for some crappy advertising.

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  • Ma
      Jul 14, 2006

    Ordered Moccasins from 'Save by Mail, Inc.' on May 5, 2006. Check ($11.64) was cashed by said company but no product has arrived. Big colored ad in newspaper magazine but no address on the half of ad I kept. Where the heck are they? Customer in No. California.

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  • Ma
      Nov 28, 2006
    Save By Mail, Inc. - Pittsburgh NY - Never received the moccasins
    United States

    I ordered a pair of moccasins on Oct 11, 2006. Have yet to receive the shoes. And, of course, they have cashed my check! Talk about taking the money and running! I will never order anything from this so-called company again!!

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  • Sh
      Jan 26, 2010

    Had the same experience. They are very deceptive when they first call and pretend to be the regular yellow pages, follow the same verification procedures and everything. The first bill I got was a $500 "late" charge, though I had never received a first bill. Called them to sort it out and was told there would be a $200 cancellation fee for an ONLINE ad!

    They have an F rating with the BBB! Beware these frauds! They've threatened to turn me over to collections because I won't pay them a dime. I've filed a complaint with the BBB and am still working to get this resolved.

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  • So
      Jan 15, 2011

    i had exactly the same thing with these people. they told me that i currently advertised with them and they where calling me to see if i wanted to pay more to get more exposure. after they convinced me that they where yellow pages and got me to agree to upgrading, the sales guy had his supervisor call me back to confirm everything. at no time did the sales guy say anything about online yellow pages group. it was always the yellow pages. now the supervisor recorded the conformation call, and then he said he was online yellow pages group. at that point i was already in communications with these people, so i didn't even pick up on that he said online yellow pages group. i even told the sales guy that i wanted to cancel my phone book ads and just go on the internet, and the guy told me that they only handled the internet portion of the advertising, that i would have to call the phone number on my billing statement to get a hold of that department to cancel. i knew it wasn't yellow pages when i received the bill for $479.99. so, i called them to tell them that they lied and i'm not paying them. now its a lady, patricia, i'm talking to. she played a recording with me agreeing to the headings and the upgraded listing. they didn't record the sales guy lying, and deceiving me. she told me that the recording was a legal binding contract and that i am obligated to pay it. i told her to take me off there website, and she said so you want to cancel then. then she said there was a cancelation fee to pay now over the phone with a credit card. i told her to send me a bill. no bill was sent, and she keeps calling me. i blocked their phone number, but now a couple months later she got a new number. she's saying that i need to pay them or they have to turn it over to a third party collection agency. she said to avoid the negative counts against my business and my personal credit that i need to pay them now. they can kiss my you know what. its not like they have a ein or ssn. this is a big scam. fraud!!! i guess i'll just keep blocking their numbers. i wish somebody could shut them down. they are added stress as if there wasn't enough stress in this world.

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  • Ge
      Apr 19, 2011

    I got a call today from their accounts manager saying that we had complained about the previous bill and that we was going to issue a refund of $399...all he wanted me to do is confirm everything with the "audit department" and I would have my refund check mailed. Of course, the audit department tried to record me saying that I agreed to an invoice of $499! When I tried to correct the guy he just hung up. The phone number given by the manager was answered in some foreign language so I could not confont them.

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  • Th
      Apr 22, 2011

    Is the numer you were called from [protected]? I got the call today from a woman about my &745 bill. I never agreed to anything with them. She said that she would contact the legal department and get back to me on monday wit the recording. Can't wait!

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