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Sorry this is going to be so long but I really need to vent about this!
Here is an additional warning to all of you who think you are safe buying online through PayPal, think again, if you get scammed like the rest of us here you will ever see a cent of your money...
I had only been in Second Life for a week and I foolishly thought that by placing my order on a website that used PayPal I was secure/safe, I mean that's what PayPal claims after was I wrong!
I bought 25, 000 Linden through 21st Century Gaming Entertainment Inc, nice web site, looked legit AND most important to me was I could make my purchase safely by using PayPal, the secure way to buy online.
I went through the exact same issues as most people here...the HUGE delay in delivery, the insane policy of asking for photo ID and faxed copies of my credit card AND drivers license (jisus I hope no one is ever THAT stupid they would fall for that) I called them over and over, wrote more emails in one week then I do in a month, went on the live chat BS, I [censor]ed, I complained and threatened until I finally gave up and told them to just cancel my damn order and credit my visa the $69.00...l0l, yah RIGHT like that was ever going to happen!
Left with no money, no credits, I did the only thing I could, I placed my complaint with PayPal and waited for them to resolve my case. I was a victim of online fraud after all and that's why we shop using PayPal, to feel safe when shopping online! All of the people I spoke to at PayPal made it clear my claim was valid and I would no doubt have my money back in no time!
In the mean time some random person in Second Life puts 10, 000 L on my account and the very next day I cant log in to my account and I have a message telling me I have to call Linden Labs. I am informed by LL that the 10, 000 L was bought with a stolen credit card and unless I could explain myself I would be banned forever so I told them about this company (I assumed that was where the lindens had come from, even though it was not the full amount it had to be them) I told them about the ordeal I gone through to get even the 10, 000. They gave me a nice lecture on how never to buy Lindens from anyone except sites authorized by LL and then they unlocked my account. Naturally when I logged in the 10, 000 was gone but at that point I was just happy I wasn't banned forever!
I informed PayPal of the new information just so they would know that not only had this company ripped me off the cost of 15, 000 linden but that they had used a stolen credit card to try and fill part of my order as well.
After a full month this is the email I received from the extremely helpful, oh so secure and protective "we have you covered" online service company, PayPal...

Seller's Name: 21st Century Gaming Entertainment Inc

Unfortunately, we were unable to resolve this claim in your favor because
the item purchased was virtual or intangible. As a result, we have not
taken any action against the seller at this time but we have noted your
dissatisfaction in the seller's record for future reference.

If you still have concerns about this transaction, we encourage you to
continue to work directly with the seller for an amicable resolution.

Thank you,
Protection Services Department

"Virtual or intangible"...well had I known PayPal (a virtual company) doesn't protect me from online fraud and make my online VIRTUAL transactions secure then WTF good are they???
When I called PayPal to voice my outrage and ask if they couldn't help me if they were at least going to stop dealing with 21th Century Gaming and save anyone else from losing money like I had, all they said was they would open a complaint account so they could document any further problems...after reading all the posts here I can not believe for one second that they haven't had enough claims about this criminal company by now to stop being affiliated with them!
I know for a fact that if I hadn't been able to buy those credits through PayPal, a company I believed would keep my purchase safe, I would NEVER have shopped on that 21th Century Game site and I would have saved myself A LOT of frustration and some money! When it was all over the woman from PayPal told me to take the matter up with my credit card company because they would not be helping me, THE END!
In my opinion PayPal is just as criminal as 21st Century Gaming Entertainment Inc. because they are fully aware of the problem and yet they are still doing business with them!
As for the site where I bought the fraudulent linden credits from…you would think by now their site would have been taken down and the owners prosecuted, WRONG, instead they are STILL active, STILL stealing from people and STILL have the backing of PayPal!

So to anyone thinking PayPal will protect you and get you your hard earned money back...DREAM ON!
PS. Who names their kid COLA?? : /

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