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What is wrong with this office employees of:
> INCOME TAX PAN SERVICES UNIT (Managed by National Securities Depository
> Limited)
> 3rd floor, Sapphire Chambers
> Near Baner Telephone Exchange, Baner
> Pune - 411045
> For more information, contact TIN Call Centre at (020 - [protected]

Hello All!
I am writing this complaint from Manali, HP.

I applied to the above office for my new PAN Card on 27-09-2010 [ACKNOWLEDGMENT NUMBER: [protected] dated 27-09-2010] but till today [05-11-2010] [more than one month by now], I haven't received my PAN Card yet!

On 15-10-2010, I received one email from the same office with the message "Photograph provided is not proper for scanning." but without any further explanation why? The photograph I submitted was my recent one with eyes/face clearly visible and of the size as required, following all the guidelines given by the new PAN Application, but rejected, WHY?

However, heeding their request, I sent the replacement photograph, the original photograph I used while making my PASSPORT, on 17-10-2010 by Speed Post.

But, on 03-11-2010, after quite many days' delay, I received another email from the same office, again with the same message "Photograph provided is not proper for scanning."!?!?

Frustrated, I called the above office on 04-11-2010 and spoke to the person concerned about my dilemma and frustrations regarding the photograph issue and the officer/man on the phone told me that my photograph was not clear while scanning but his comment is totally false because the two photographs I submitted them were standard & clear as already accepted by the PASSPORT office, State Bank of India and while applying for my new SIM Card for mobile phone. Then, why this PAN office not accepting my photograph!?! Later, he told me that "send an email telling the office to go ahead with the photographs submitted, to process the PAN Card as a record for confirmation from the authentic PAN Card holder.", yes, I did sent the email as suggested immediately after the phone call yesterday but today while checking my PAN Application status online I found nothing is happening and the office phone is found engaged all the time :(

So, my PAN Card is still on hold by this ineffective office that raises the following questions:

Q1. Is this the sheer stupid and skeptical attitude of the employees in this Online PAN-TAN OPERATIONS office at Pune, who doubts of people's credentials even after submitting all the required documents of Identity of the person concerned?
Q2. Are they intentionally harassing sincere people like me for no proper reason?
Q3. Is this office more scrutinizing than the PASSPORT office that issues the ultimate Identity Document for a citizen in the country?
Q4. Is this office not giving respect to the government run PASSPORT office that already accepted my, the same photograph & issued me my PASSPORT?
Q5. What problem/disadvantage do this office have while issuing PAN Cards of legitimate applicants fast and on time?
Q6. The delaying of PAN Card issuance delays the Income Tax returns to the government and so, are not these employees in this office liable to be charge sheeted for hampering government earning?
Q7. These people are hampering the progress of individuals and so blocking the progress of the country as a whole, then, why not sack these undutiful & stupid employees of this office & arrest them who are responsible for delaying the PAN Card processing?

Yours sincerely.
Naorem Gajendra Singh
[a frustrated Applicant of PAN Card]

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