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Online Banking / Use of USAA Online banking

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Phone: 6107106155

I had to file bankruptcy in 2001 as a result of moving to NYC and not able to sell my car for what I owed and coming done with cancer while there. Yeah another sad story. I did have a credit card from USAA that was part of the bankruptcy but did not include the car loan. I liked USAA very much and did not want to damage my credit any further with them. Five years later - I suddenly could not get online. I thought I had locked myself out and called thier assistance number were I was told that I would have to call on Monday. I was suddenly being punished for the bankruptcy is what I was told! I have paid off the car loan and NEVER bounced a check or had a NSF drawn against me the entire time. I have been with them for close to 10 years. I could not manage my Bill pay and was told to call them if I wanted to change it.

Please let me know if someone was able to correct this with USAA by what ever way possible or if by some chance there is some type of class action lawsuit against them. From what I understand, they changed thier policey and made it retro active. People who were members longer than I were also effected.

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  • Ar
      4th of Apr, 2008
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    Online Banking - Trnafer Funds
    Washington Mutual
    United States
    Phone: N/A


    Please tell me why these Funds are no longer available at My credit union, yet still not available in my WAMU account. I find it extremely unethical for your institution to place a hold on funds that have already been withdrawn. Basically, I no longer have 300.00 at my credit union and I still don't have the funds available in my WAMU account. I am very frustrated with the fact that WAMU is just holding these funds in limbo after a confirmed withdrawal from my credit union. Transaction Type listed above is a direct deposit, which should mean that the money will be deposited as soon as its withdrawn. This is the worst online transfer policy I have ever dealt with and trust that I am no rookie with online banking. Please take this as an official formal complaint. On top of that, the transfer needed to be scheduled, then initiated. What kind of legal loophole is that? The only reason I signed up for WAMU is the supposed great online banking features and national coverage. I say that is not the case. My local credit union has an online banking site as well, and their features and policies and service are far above and beyond what WAMU (a national Bank) can offer. Hard to fathom. Lastly I have expressed this issue in person at a branch, via phone with executive manager and now this. Throughout this ordeal each person has claimed policy as the culprit. I find it hard to believe that it is policy to hold funds for deposit that have already been withdrawn. On top of that not a single person seemed care if I closed my account then and there. Everyone says they appreciate the input. However, not a single effort was made to help me. Only listen to me and push me on forward. This is horrible customer service. I would very much like someone to look into this matter and explain to me exactly where my funds are, as they are no longer available to me from original location and deposited location. This practice will not be tolerated and even seems to violate my rights to my funds.

  • Po
      16th of Jun, 2008
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    I'm sorry you've been having problems with USAA. I have been having problems too. You should made a complaint to the Office of Thrift Savings - that is the federal agency who regulates USAA banking. You might also want to contact a lawyer - perhaps USAA has engaged in breach of contract.

  • Mr
      13th of Jun, 2011
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    Online Banking - Change from Wachovia to Wells Fargo
    United States

    I am being forced to switch from Wachovia to Wells Fargo just as all other account holders here in the state of GA. This is not of our choice, Wells Fargo has NEVER given a hoot about there customers. When this transition started I called Wachovia and asked if this change over would affect how I bank on line. I was told that nothing would change except to name and web page. I should of known better. Well I found out today just how bad I was lied to. Today I tried to log into my account I was directed to another web page to where I was to set up a new log in. I entered a user name and password. The password was excepted but the it came back and said that the user name was already used. When I called and asked what was going on, I was told that there was nothing thet could do about it and that I would have to pick a new user name. I have been banking with Wachovia for a long time now, why should I have to change now. This my seem a miner complante but it goes to show you just how much Wells Fargo could care less about there coustomers.

    Mr ED

  • Do
      14th of Jun, 2011
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    Wells Fargo is a Joke Wait till you find out they use the Pony Express to handle your online payments. I like you got a 76 page disclosure that states my accounts would be similar features and benefits.Today I find out they need 10-13 days to complete some payments.Wachovia I could pay next day thats now 14.95 a transaction not disclosed and only found after 30 minutes on phone with rep that could answer my question! Seams they need to float consumers as long as possible as you know they take the funds 5 days sooner than Wachovia and the play the send it date game!!! I hope everyone closes there accounts and move to Credit Unions!! Thats where were going!!!

  • Rh
      14th of Jun, 2011
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    We switched yesterday also. So far WF sucks. We knew the changed was happening so yesterday I asked my husband to logon to figure out what was going on since we'd been away all day. When he did he only found his brokerage account. When he called WF they told him that his name wasn't on the account. It was his account that he opened about 15 years ago and I was added about 9 years ago when we got married. Now the bank only has my name on the account and wouldn't even talk to him. So I got on the phone and they did get me set up so that I could have online banking. When I asked about my husband not being on the account the CS rep said he couldn't discuss my husband with me. No advice as to what to do or anything. He was useless. After realizing none of my bill pay payees were showing up we called again. I finally talked to someone in online banking who was more helpful. He said that there was a glitch and that the payees should be showing by tonight. I'm not holding my breath. He also told me that we'd have to go to the bank to have my husband added to the account. Seriously?? This is ridulous and we are getting away from there asap!!

  • Ma
      18th of Jun, 2011
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    Actually, the worst part is functionality. When you work within Quicken and make a payment it doesn't show up anywhere on the WF site until it's paid. If you pay on the web site it doesn't show up in Quicken until it's paid. Between the several screens on the WF site the bills do not agree. One screen will show no bill due, one screen will show the bill is due and the third will show something else. This is in regards to the Bill Pay Overview Screen, the Payments Screen and the eBills Screen. Upcoming payments are not listed on the oveview screen. The projected balance is inaccurate because it doesn't list outstanding checks or scheduled, (Quicken), payments. You cannot tell whether your accounts have enough cash in then at any time online or in Quicken. Wachovia was much better.

  • Ph
      30th of Jun, 2011
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    I got the notice today that the switch is coming. I read their instructions and Wells Fargo states that online payments happen up to 5 days faster than at Wachovia. What a load of crap!!! What they do is take the money out of your account on the day you make the payment rather than when it's delivered. The bank is floating your money!!! I'm dropping them before the switch happens.

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