Online back up — Terrible customer service

I paid the monthly service which included live support, file backup and virus protection. On February 8th I got the blue screen of death. I called a computer technician to check the hardware. The hardware was fine, the technician could not find an equipment problem with the computer. He offered me the same service that US Tech support was offering at a much cheaper price and he made house calls. So, on February 9th, I called to cancel my .subscription, I specifically asked if I would still have access to my data. Customer Service said I would have access until March 5th. On February 10th, I got my computer back, it had been set to factory defaults. I called US Tech support to start retrieving my files. The customer service rep put me through to a live technician who said they couldn't help me because I had cancelled my account. They sent me back to customer service. I was sent through this loop 3 times, each time I was told that the other person had to help. me. Finally, they opened an "assist ticket", I was told I would be contacted in 72 hours!!! Luckily, I had previously been using Mozy for my online backup. I went to the Mozy website which hadn't been updated in a while but there were all my files! The most important thing was my pictures. I hadn't really taken any new pictures in the last 6 months, so I had everything I needed. I clicked on restore files and 8 hours later, my computer was back to normal. I can't wait for my customer service call from US Tech support 3 days from now!!!

Feb 10, 2015

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