oneway marketinggreat company to work for!

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I worked in Oneway marketing for 18 months and found the staff of the company to be extremely friendly and helpful. I never had any bad experiences with the company and in fact it has helped me massively in my personal skills and confidence. I had to leave due to further studies and intend to go back, with the intention of progressing to management.
In my time there I saw 2 individuals gain progress to senior levels and have since seen what they have become as a result of this.
I respect the manager Ogo and truly believe that it is rare to find a manager that genuinely has a heart for her team like she does. She is inspirational.
I have learnt load from this company and will recommend it to anyone looking to learn sales and willing to work hard to progress within a company.
I do not understand why people would complain about this company apart from the fact that they didnt stay long enough to really understand its ethic and morals or they are plain bitter about their lack of success when there.Havinf completed my Masters in business I look forward to returning to Oneway marketing.
Your lack of success or Sucess in the company is down to no one apart for you!
I hope Ogo and the team keep up their good work.


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      Jul 08, 2009

    I enjoyed my time in the company

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      Aug 24, 2009

    This is a complain board not an ### licking contest Coraie H.

    You did mention in your 18 months there you saw 2 people get promoted, so can you please provide the names of the people who got promoted because i doubt it happened within the 18 months you were there, typically one-way marketing advertises jobs that promises promotion within 18 months but we all know its a lie as peope have been there for years with no success and the pyramid style promotion structure COBRA offers is indeed rubbish let alone the 100% commision based role you forgot to mention. No travel Cost, Paid Holidays, Sick Cover, Expenses when outside of office and not to mention the 70+ hours a week which puts you around the £2 - £3 an hour after you paid for transport, food etc

    If after 18 months at one way marketing and after completing an MBA in Buisness your considering going back there, sounds so dodgy and indeed makes me believe you work for COBRA or indeed as an Admin for one-way marketing by posting lies for others to get sucked in.

    Negghead i know thats what your thinking LOL stupid fool

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      Aug 01, 2010

    I've been there 2 weeks and I'm getting promoted to leader.. I've already got one guy in my group too. If you looked at the structure you'd see that you are really responsible for how fast you get promoted. Just coz you didn really have the balls to make it to the top like others before you just says a lot about your personality. I've seen 2 girls get promoted since I've been there, Sian and Emma. Two of which I've made good friends with, coz everyone who works there is friendly. And that [censor] about only getting £2-£3 an hour goes back to how hard you work again. Which also shows you're a lazy [censor] that most likely won't get far in any job

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      Feb 04, 2011

    One-way marketing requires the right kind of person, that person is what I like to call a [censored]! Yes you can earn good money if you sell your soul hard enough. It is 'direct sales' which means cold calling and being very pushy at peoples doorsteps to get them to sign up to a direct debit that they do not want, and would definitely not agree to if they were made aware of the fact that the field representative (as the cold callers are known) take a cut of the money and so would more than likely require at least 9 months of direct debit before the charity see a penny. It is also very cheesy; like starting the day with hi fives whilst listening to chesney hawkes' I am the one and only and nobody is allowed to call it work, you have to call it 'fun' - which it is not!
    Basically this job requires the salesman type, imagine used car salesman but twice as slick and pushy. They'll teach you a lot of [censored] like the 3 5 8 way of doorstop selling that will turn you into a doorstop selling robot in no time. Your job is purely to make money, which if that is all you want from life it may be the job for you, but do not expect job satisfaction or nice working hours (you generally start at 11 and finsish about half 8 so right in the middle of the day).

    One more thing to note: If somebody knocks your door claiming to be from a charity and want you to sign up for a direct debit. DO NOT sign up there and then, if you want to donate to your chosen charity, go directly to them so they will get all the money.

    I hope this sums up the job as a whole

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