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Attempted to book a hotel at a prior cite Travelocity, the room was not available, but, you are not aware of this until all of your information has been entered. The room was not available, but the hold was on my account, I had to have Travelocity fax my bank information so that the hold would come off of my account. I viisted another site to see what was available: ONE TRAVELSOURCE.COM and spoke with someone by the name of Jason, because of my prior experience, I asked him if he would know for sure if a room was avilable prior to entering my informationand I explained to him my prior eperience, he indicated he was definate sure that it would be verified. So he indicaed he checked the hotel I had requested and there was a vacancy. i provided my information and went through the process again, in the end, my information was entered but he kept indicating the system was running very show and he was waiting for the confirmation number. Well that number never came, he cam back and told me that there was no available room. Of course I questioned him regarding his claim that he was sure that a room was available. At this time I quickly pulled up my banking information and saw that there was a hold on my account with ONE TRAVEL SOURCE. He indicated he saw no evidence that the money was deducted. I told him that it was and that I was looking at my account as we speak. I asked to speak to a Supervisor and I was transferred to someone by the name of Ron, or so I think (they both had the same accents). I was on the line with him for a while, when he left the line, he claimed he was tryng to find out what was going on. chances are he was probably just sitting in his seat doing nothing, just coming back on the line. I asked him if he could fax information over to my bank so that the hold would come off. he indicated he could not do that and that was not part of their policy. Why was he not able to do this and Travelocity was so that the hold would come off. I did everything put got down on my knees, he was not willing to simply fax anything to my bank. I than asked him what was the name of the managing company. He claimed that they were part of Travelocity. Of course he was lying. I called Travelocity and inquired about his statement. I was advised that they are not affiliated with this company. I am not rich or even well to do and bearly okay so being swindled out of $700.00 plus dollars really has an affect on me. I am writing this right after pleading with One Travel Source, if they so return my money, I will be back to inform but as of right now. DO NOT USE THIS SITE, WAS LIED TO ABOUT THE DEFINATE AVAILABLE OF A ROOM AND THEY WERE NOT WILLING TO DO WHAT IT TAKES TO TAKE THE HOLD OFF OF MY MONEY THAT WAS NEEDED BADLY, A SMPLE FAX, MAKES ME WONDER IF THIS SITE IS LEGIT.


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