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1 Las Vegas, NV, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 1-877-566-6686

I have resolved my dispute with One Stop Motors, and would like to retract my complaint against them.

Thank You,

John C.

Richmond Va.

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  15th of Feb, 2009
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I write this because I can no longer look over things.
I can no longer right the mistakes, oversights and hiccups. I was fired by I called into question too much, too often. I questioned the “issues” the company has too passionately and persistently and now, here I sit. Unemployed.
Unjustly, Unfairly and more importantly… unable to answer the hundred and hundreds of calls that came into the office I have spent the last 7 mo. in.
That’s right. I am a former employee. If you are looking for help, you have arrived.

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  20th of May, 2009
Agree Disagree 0 Votes - Thank You Daniella at One Stop Motors
One Stop Motors
United States

Thank You Daniella for your assistance in helping me Advertise my Vehicle.
I am a Single mother of 2 who recently lost her job and I could no longer afford my Huge car payment. Once I signed up with One Stop Motors my car sold in 3 weeks I was so relieved. At First I was skepical about One Stop Motors because what I have read here so i said i wasn't interested and she kindly gave me her contact info in case i changed my mind. First I advertised my Vehicle on Craigslist for 3mo and i had to keep creating ad's every day to keep me on top of the list, what a pain that was not too mention having strangers come to my house and insult my asking price and still having to make my monthly Car Payment. I wished I would have called her back sooner and realized you can't make everyone happy and some people have been scammed by someone else on the phone so their quick to judge i know i was guilty of just that. This was by far the easiest way to advertise my Car for a quick sale...Craigslist may be good to get rid of a old couch or buy a Used Tv but not to sell a car. Thank You Daniella for the Positive Experience.

  27th of May, 2009
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Thank You for Your Positive Feedback Csandz it is appreciated.
She is the Greatest with assisting customers. I work with her and she goes above and beyond the norm to Assist her Customers..
Thanks Again,


  22nd of Dec, 2009
Agree Disagree 0 Votes - classic car
Las Vegas
United States
Phone: 877-566-6686

In October 08, One Stop Motors called me, I didn't call them, about listing car. They call several times, and each time I said I didn't want to go with their service. I felt pressured each time. Finally, with another call from their manager, I reculantely gave in after he said he would give me $100 off their standard fee. It's been one year and two months since, and car is not sold. They claim the turnaround time is 6-8 wks. for a ad to be successful. In May of 09 I ask for a refund and was denied. They said they have voice confirmation from me to give OK at the time of sign up, but I never signed any kind of advertising agreement to charge for my services. I ask MasterCard to dispute charges for a refund, and they say they can't because this is more than six months old. Now on One Stop Motors they have advertised a risk-free 100% money back guarantee. I called today and ask for a refund from One Stop Motors and was denied.

  22nd of Nov, 2010
Agree Disagree 0 Votes - It is one of the biggest rip offs on the net, and your credit card company will not do anything to stop it
United States

I listed my car on craig's list and almost immediately was called by One Stop Motors. They told me how they could get more for my car than what I was advertising it for. This man's name was Joe Finateri (not sure of the spelling). I called back within two hours and asked to cancel my contract. A person named Michael informed me that this was not an option. He also informed me that they had me recorded accepting the offer. I knew then that I had been scammed. No reputable company would do this to a customer. I tried to dispute this charge on my Edward Jones Mastercard and they said I couldn't. They must endorse scams.

They have put a cheap classified ad on Ebay. If you put the model of my car in the search bar it doesn't even come up.

If you are considering One Stop Motors to sell your car please don't. It is one of the biggest rip offs on the net, and your credit card company will not do anything to stop it.

I wonder if they have ever sold anyone's car.

  22nd of Nov, 2010
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OSM is committed to providing aggressive and effective advertising for all of its' customers. To discuss this with OSM directly, please feel free to call 877-566-6686 Monday - Friday between the hours of 8am and 5pm PST. Our friendly customer service representatives are more than happy to assist you.

  13th of Feb, 2011
Agree Disagree 0 Votes - Vehicle Sale or Lack of
One Stop Motors
United States

What a scam, What a scam this One Stop Motors is. My father in law had aa vehicle for sale and had it listed with a very reputable magazine. The people from One Stop Motors kept calling him and telling him that they would sell his car for him and guaranteed him that they would get him more that he was asking. They told him that they would advertise it in a lot of different magazazines and n the computer. They charged him a $500 fee and ripped him off. The only advertising that they did was to list his car on their web site and then bury it.
He has been in contact with themand the only thing they had to say was that he needed to lower his price. They tole him that they would list it on Ebay for another $130. Of course he did not do this. I hope that some lawyer sees this and files a class action lawsuit against these people. This C.E.O should be put in prison. All they do is rip people off and do not do what they say.
I call that fraud. How about you?

  19th of Feb, 2011
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I think your complaint is completely invalid, and shows how much you truly have no idea how the internet / i.e. OSM, works.

I know b/c I actually use to work @ OSM, and their a very reputable company. unfortunately they DO have over 70K - 100, 000K + vehicles listed on their site(s) currently, not every vehicles going to sell in the first 2 wks of listing.

I can tell you first hand they take 200 - 300 plus calls from buyers looking for vehicles on their site daily.
...don't believe anybody else offers anything remotely close to working with the seller(s) and buyer(s) until the vehicles sold for NO Additional fee.

secondly, had you done ANY research... such as logging into your act area / unreal! ... you will be able to see for yourself that your comment above is completely invalid.

Their is NO BETTER PROGRAM in this country right now to sell a vehicle than with OSM.
Every vehicle they list launches on anywhere from 50 to 100 plus web sites. they pay to ensure your father in laws vehicle is in the number ONE position in the search engines,
as 87% of buyers, when looking for a used vehicle, go directly to Google and/or yahoo and enter what their looking to purchase specifically (yr, make, model, etc).

With that said, anybody in the world looking to buy your father in laws vehicle, (make model, yr, etc) will see his vehicle in the top 3 positions of Google and yahoo...that alone is worth $2, 000 - $3, 000.00

Clearly, as with most of the postings I read on these types of web sites, 90% of the comments posted are by either illiterate computer savvy individuals, and/or individuals that are simply to lazy to log online to see for themselves the services provided.

worst case scenario, you listed with OSM and your vehicle hasn't sold and its been a few months...CALL THEIR CS DEPT! 1 877 566 MOTORS, as the owner is always emphasizing how important it is that sellers keep us up to date on status of the vehicle, as well as emphasizing to customers that this is a "service", and like any other "Service", you need to know what the services are, so that you know what to expect as the marketing campaign is launched.
Again, just call their CS DEPT and i guarantee you'll be eating your words, as you should probably log into your father in laws account to view services rendered before going online and bad mouthing a company you know NOTHING about.

Michelle Witte

these blogs are all full of sh%& as anybody (competitors, former employees, etc) can go on and write whatever they want. Often trying to make a company out to sound and/or be something it is not!
note; many of the blog site - ripp off report etc try to get companies to pay them a monthly fee to ensure postings are legit. end of the day, its all bull [censor]!

  19th of Feb, 2011
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is this for real?

you are going to the extent of writing about a company online b/c you received a sales call?

I won't waste much of my time with a comments such as yours, but I will tell you you are COMPLETELY wrong, and are making an assumption that has zero credibility.
Either these complaints against OSM are from competitors, former employees, etc. OR Consumers have no clue what it means to "sell a vehicle online".

I use to wrk @ OSM, what do you think when they send you info in mail, and tell you on the phone (min of 4 times)... "if you have ANY questions about ANYTHING, CALL US @ 18 77 566 MOTORS", as their OSM CS / BUYERS HOTLINE, etc. is there to work with you / "the buyer" until your vehicle is sold!
Takes a lot more honey than entering a vehicle into eBay to make an accusation such as services are not being provided.

I wish OSM nothing but success!
and knowing how Rob Wilder is, you guys will probably be the number one place to sell a vehicle by the time his sites launch!

Good luck everybody, MISS U!
nobody writes BS about my family!
Kristen L.
las Vegas NV

  19th of Feb, 2011
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i agree with the former employee of OSM - services are unlike anything I've ever experienced.

this company's going somewhere!

Ron Ynette

  24th of Apr, 2011
Agree Disagree 0 Votes - False Promise of Services
2950 South Rancho Suite 200
United States
Phone: 877) 566-6686

We put a car-for-sale ad on for a 2006 Jaguar. We were then contacted by "Juan Jimenez" who called repeatedly telling my parents that he could help them sell their car and for a $500 fee he would advertise their car nationally and that because they combine loan services that they could be of great service in helping sell the car. "Juan" called repeatedly and had almost convinced my parents to pay $500 for their "services" when my parents asked me to look into the company. I discovered they have an "F" rating with the BBB nationally and also with the BBB in Nevada. The internet is littered with consumer complaints about That is when I began to scrutinize the claims made in "Juan's" email. As I investigated each claim proved out to be false. Their ads and services do not come up on the top of the list (or at all) on a search on when searching the terms they claim will show high profile results when searched. Similarly do they come up on top or at all on a search on or Furthermore Juan's email claims that they will advertise on eBay, but I could find one for sale item on eBay from OneStopMotors. They also show the name on their email, but it's free to post ads there. They also list some shame web sites that are subsidiaries of but are not actual national car trading entities. They are merely window dressing and probably the only place a car "advertised" by would possibly ever end up. These sham web sites are probably only used by OneStopMotors to deflect legal charges of taking money for no services rendered. They can point to those sham web sites and claim that was their advertising.
I contacted "Juan" about this and he had nothing to refute any of these claims.
I am including an image from OneStopMotor's web site showing what appears to be their building. Please compare it to the image from Google Earth. Even their claim of what their offices are is a lie.
This company is a scam and they take advantage of people's desperation to sell vehicles in these difficult financial times.
From what I read on the internet their "loan services" are just the other side of the scam. People are getting burnt left and right by this company. BEWARE

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