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I am currently in a dispute with Ben martine ONElifehealthandfitness, regarding what I believe to be breech of contract on their end! Im trying to be refunded £400 for personal training that I will not be using, nor do I want to at this point after how Ive been treated! I have been a member of ONElifehealthandfitness for 2 years and was a great customer of theirs, I had decided to buy 10 personal training session and was given a very knowledgeable qualified personal trainer, we finished our 1st sessions, and I liked him so much that I purchased an additional 10 sessions, before I had a chance to use them the personal trainer that I liked was so unrleliable and was always cancelling my training appointments that i had to make alternative arrangements for my training needs. BE WARNED THIS GUY WILL FLEECE YOU OUT OF YOUR MONEY.


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