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1 CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 800-669-5400CA

I have been a customer of this internet service provider from their beginning (20 years).

For the past (6) months or so, I have not been able to send or reply to emails from my email page.

Today I phoned "onebox" (call sciences) stating my name and my complaint. The customer service representative responded with the expected questions about me and my account.

Upon spelling my name and email address -letter-by-letter, slowly and clearly, the Onebox customer service representative stated that she had no record of my account.

Having gone through similiar nonsense before with this company, several years past, I requested to speak to a supervisor. Her response was: "The supervisor cannot do anything that I can't do! I repeated my request and she asked "What about"? I then attempted to verify that I was speaking to the customer service department at and she confirmed that I was. I then stated that I am a customer of and that I wished to speak to a supervisor. Again she refused my request. Again I requested that she... "Please" connect me to a supervisr and again she refused to do so. After I repeatedly requested to speak to a supervisor, she disconnected her phone line.

At this point, I cannot send or reply to emails on my paid, up-to-date email service. I have wasted hours of my time in trying to do so. This problem is hurting my business in several ways and I am furious abot it!

I was outraged by the totally incompetent and discouraging attitude of this individual! At one point she actually asked me how much I am paying for my email service. Would they fix my problem if I paid them a higher monthly fee?

This is remenice of previous "bad customer experience" I had with several years ago, although not quite as bad, because my problem was finally solved by a Onebox supervisor.

I can only hope that you can help me with this issue. The thought of having to change to another emailservice provider is daunting.

Not only would I have to inform many hundreds of business clients, vendors and information providers, obviously I would need to change my business cards and company stationery. Then there's the new service fee.

Please confirm your receipt of this email (my complaint) and of your abiity/intent to help me resolove this nightmarish predicament.


Alfred LaPorte, Pres.

the alp group, llc
4374 Richardson Ave.
Bronx, N.Y. 10466

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