One Way Video / Bad Sales Practicies

This company sucks! I called to purchase a camera package for $1409.00, they call to confirm the order, then tell me I can't use the camera without this or that, then add and add more and more to your order! I then said my order is getting to high in price, so the ### sales/confirmation guy told me I should go for a cheaper camera, and offers a Sony camera. Then I said I need to do some reseach on that model, and he hung up on me! I looked into the Sony model he tried to sell me, and it was actually more money! I hope that the depression that we are getting into puts people and stores like this out of business! They deserve nothing better!

I was just trying to spend over $1400.00 and get a nice camera package, but they pushed me away from buying anything over the internet like this! Watch out people, these are bad mothers!


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