One Touch ElectronicsFaulty dstv installation

I have never had a problem with dstv up until One Touch Electronics in Benoni came to install dstv hd with the dual installation. The dual has not worked since they came last year November. First of all we will schedule an appointment for 1pm then they will stand in front of your gate at 12pm expecting you to be available. Then there was a second time were we scheduled the time for 12pm then they were at home 11am again expecting us to be there. Jesse at One Touches word were..."well you got to understand with our work we cannot just be at your home when you are available".
Secondly, I need to switch on the dual on the small decoder and set the remote so that TV 1'S remote do not interfere with TV 2 every time I put on the TV. Very inconvenient!!

Then, I got a pop-up message saying no signal due to bad weather ( on a sunny day) or a faulty installation. Plus, the remote makes a beeping sound every time you press a button. We pay them R400 every time they come out and stating on the invoice that it is on the wrong channel!! And still have not solved the actual problem since installation!! Jesse has the audacity for accusing us for setting out the dstv or the dual is faulty! She talks to you with no respect at all saying that they will never come to sort out our problem because they are not happy with us and then she puts the phone down. Who is suppose to be happy, they or their clients?? I have no reason the complain about the money but we us customers should pay for a service and devises that works not faulty one's.

I would not recommend any client do any installation with One Touch Electronics and I will do my utmost best for dstv to remove them from their list. R 2650.5 paid to Once Touch Electronics without meeting the service they claim to give as specialists.

Feb 17, 2016

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