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I joined One Spirit book club back in the 1990's. I havent been a member or done business with them since then. However, I keep getting contacts from collection agencies saying I've not paid for books I've purchased. I have paid TWICE to collection agencies because I couldnt prove I paid (it is a LONG time in between contacts...Im talking years). I got another today saying they purchased my account from the previous agency and that I owe the money yet again. Well, I am NOT going to pay it again. I am so sick of this crap and I hope that these scammers crash and burn because I know that I am not the only person they have ripped off.

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      Dec 14, 2011

    Becoming a member with "one Spirit Book Club" is like opening Pandoa's Box. This company is as sneaky as one can be. They offer promotions and then when I try to order on line, the promotion is not being shown anywhere. I contacted them many times via Email, and they never answered directly to my questions or if they do the answer is so vague, it still leaves me uncertain. I ordered 2 books at a regular price to complete my purchase obligation BEFORE THE DUE DATE and later, I received a letter from them telling me that they charged me another $41 in order to, -according to them- complete my agreement.
    I finally found a phone # to call them –They do not make this easy to find so here it is: [protected]-I was told that my requested items are BookSearch Plus items therefore do not count for the completion of my book purchase obligation. They keep their book selection very low, so the books we are looking for Such as “Oneness” and “Callings” by Greg Levoy are only available at other Cies but still through One Spirit and to not count not honor the promotions. Starting a membership with one Spirit is like taking on a part time job or/and being ripped off.

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