One Luxury / Michael KorsOvercharged

I was looking at a non-authentic Michael Kors purse and accidently placed the order so with in 2 minutes I went to the contact us page and there was no number so I emailed them through the site to cancel my order which had to be done before 6-8 hours after placing an order which I did in a very quick manner . It was never canceled and they told me (after I stated via I would make a claim with my bank) that they never have received any thing but I sent them a screen shot of proof from my phone showing where my message has went though. I checked my account and it stated that they took 75.09 from my account when my receipt said it would be a total of 68.81 free s&h. They overcharged my account (only by $7) without my consent. I will be looking into filing a claim against them. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!! saving the money is not worth the headache!!!

Feb 04, 2015

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