At first sight, this company seems to be legit and their website looks fine, well-designed and well-structured. It's probably a good reason to start thinking about making a decision.
But I went ahead and looked for reviews or something about this fund.
So they have a separate thread on On the one hand, it's good they try to communicate to future investors. It doesn't usually mean anything, but it's better than nothing.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in New York, NY
So the description was nice unless I saw their team (that's actually not mentioned on the official website).
Their presentation looked like it was made by a little child. Mistakes, terrible photos and people who stand behind the fund are very young! What experience they can share and how can they control your money if they probably can't control their own? Plus, it only consists of 4 people and it's definitely not enough! It has to be enlarged.
I understand. They wanted to start getting money as fast as possible but weren't motivated enough to to make it look reliable.

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