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I Googled 'microsoft help' and found Omnitech. Under the belief Omnitech was an authorized Microsoft help agent, I initiated a chat with them in an attempt to determine whether I could uninstall Microsoft Word 2010 Starter without losing documents I had created with the program. (I had since purchased Microsoft Word 2010 - the full-price program - and I knew I could open Starter documents in it. But I didn't know if I would lose those documents after uninstalling Starter.) Omnitech asked me if they could establish a remote connection, and I consented. After 10 minutes, the Omnitech representative told me "I have found there are a lot of system registry errors and virus/malware threats which might crash the computer." I mentioned I was surprised because I had the current edition of Norton Antivirus installed in my computer. Omnitech replied that Norton "cannot detect all the infections such as registry corruptions, operating system errors, Polymorphic infections, etc. Such infections have to be scanned and removed manually by performing optimizations in your computer." Omnitech then told me they would optimize my registry for the "nominal charge" of $79.99, and attempted to sell me an "Assurance Plan, " a subscription plan that would continue to optimize my registry for an additional charge. I smelled a scam, and I told Omnitech I would not pay a Microsoft help agent to fix problems for which Microsoft is responsible, i.e., weak security. Omnitech said they would have to terminate the chat. I asked Omnitech to email me a transcript of the chat, but they did not, which, in itself, is a questionable practice. I copied and pasted the transcript myself, and I have used direct quotations from the transcript - minus a few punctuation errors - in this report. I cleaned my registry with CCleaner, which is free, and it did not, as I suspected, indicate much contamination. I also uninstalled Word 2010 Starter without losing files or damaging my registry, as Omnitech purported. Despite Omnitech's A+ rating from the BBB, they are a scam, pure and simple. The BBB should be ashamed of themselves, and I will never trust them again.

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  • Bi
      May 15, 2013

    The same "sell job" happened to me word for word though I was simply calling to make sure I converted my email to a new account and internet provider. Then my wife gets two persistent calls from a guy in Pakistan wanting to get into our computer as "we" had problems. When you step back and look at all the scams going on where companies impersonate being from the FBI, your bank, mortgage company or whoever, you would think there would be very stiff penalties. I am seeing the same with regard to an ex partner who scammed me and many others en total out of over $1.5M dollars and yet I get bounced agency to agency and no results.
    Makes us wonder where our tax dollars really go.

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  • Bw
      Oct 24, 2013

    I contacted this company and was given the same go around. Also they charged me three times for the same "help". They said my card was not going through. I called my bank and they said the charges had gone through. I called omnitect back and after speaking to a supervisor they agreed to resend the charges. So far they have not.

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  • Br
      Mar 26, 2014

    It's still happening. Refuses to fix the problem I called about until I paid them to remove "polymorphic infections". Insisting the infections were the problem, guaranteeing this work fix my problem. After paying them, I still had the same problem plus I now have pop ups from Omni Tech and the company they stole the download from to fix the problem they insisted their infection removal would resolve.

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  •   Jul 17, 2014

    OmniTech Support is a fee-based third-party remote access tech support company. OmniTech Support is certified to work on Microsoft software, but it is not Microsoft, nor are there any claims that it is affiliated with Microsoft. OmniTech Support agents clearly identify the company, as does everything the customer sees. Because OmniTech Support has no affiliation with Microsoft, there is no way for OmniTech Support to honor any Microsoft warranties. The Assurance Plan, offers regularly-scheduled computer tune-ups and access to tech support when it's needed. It's a good value.

    Polymorphic viruses are dangerous as they often are dormant, coming to life to do their damage as little as 5% of the time. If that were the case C-Cleaner would NOT detect the virus 19 times out of 20 scans.

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  • Je
      Sep 14, 2014

    they take so long to fix my laptop

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  •   Sep 29, 2014

    OmniTech Support's Response to Jesse Vanbuskirk:::
    Thank you for being a part of OmniTech Support. We did call you to make sure all the issues with your computer are addressed and wanted to make sure everything is fine, however we were only able to reach your voice mail. On reviewing your records, we noticed that there were instances where you were not completely satisfied with the time taken during issue resolution process. You actually had several complex issues and we fixed them all. Your complaint about Windows 8 running slowly required, since we strive to be diligent, for us to attempt several troubleshooting steps, fixing Registry errors, and minimizing the number of unneeded programs and applications running in the background. Some of these steps required rebooting the computer and that eats up time.

    You are our premium customer and we assure you that your concerns in the next contact will be considered on high priority and our senior technician/supervisors will be happy to assist you on any issues. You can get back to us at time convenient for you. You can directly reach our Supervisors between 7:00 AM to 11.00 PM PST at 1(800)-966-9940, then choosing Mac: Ext: 469; Sedrick: Ext: 458; or Joseph Ext: 210.

    You can also connect back to us by clicking on the "HELP" icon installed on your desktop. Alternatively, you can connect to a technician 24/7 by clicking on the link below;
    OmniTech Support is an organization where we always try to value the customer’s business and to satisfy them with their purchases. That’s why we have earned and maintained an A+ rating from BBB.

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  • Br
      Mar 19, 2016

    Omnitech is a complete scam. They end up uploading a virus into your computer if you do not pay their hefty fees through remote desktop access. I had to take 4-5 Hours of my time to get rid of this virus. I put down almost every offline anti-virus removers known to man and let it sit. They took out the majority of it however it did not help the fact that the core components of my buddy's PC was still on shut down even from safe mode settings. Device Manager was bugged and everything basically was just jacked up. For an average person they would go crazy and PC repairs normally cost $80-150 if you would go up to a shop. My buddy let it his "brand-new" computer sit for a year after giving up on it because of omnitech. Networking and Sound was disabled. Virus disabled access to enabling it from the device manager and through the command prompt. Luckily I was able to use a usb flash drive and insert some of the anti-virus software otherwise none of this would have worked in the end.

    You can look up the company on google. Microsoft file a lawsuit against them after 65, 000 Complaints sent from their customers.

    List of Programs I Used.
    Download these programs from a working computer and throw them onto a flash drive then put them to the infected computer.

    These are offline Virus Removers worked amazing for me after almost giving in from numerous attempts.

    ◾Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Helped out for the most part)
    ◾Emsisoft Free Emergency Kit (Started Detecting Things at the Beginning)
    ◾Sophos Virus Removal Tool
    ◾Microsoft Safety Scanner (MSS aka MSERT)
    ◾Windows Defender Offline
    ◾VIPRE Rescue
    and if you happen to be an Xfinity Comcast Customer or know one you can utilize their
    - Norton Security Suite ($80 Value) (Online)
    -Freedome (Online)
    -Norton Power Eraser (Online)
    Under Comcast Constant Guard through their website.

    Go to the device manager and Disable/Enable Everything that is not functioning correctly.

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