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Omni Storage is a enclosed building climate controlled, password access entry, cctv security monitoring. All selling points which lead me to choose them over the usual "garage " like storage facilities. Particularly the fact that the individual storage units are inside a building. I have been using this facility for approximately for 7 years now.
South Louisiana just a week and a half ago, Friday August 12, 2016, was inundated with 31 inches of rain. It was an unusual event. But it is a well known fact that Louisiana has a history of flood potential, even with lesser amounts of rain fall.
Almost two weeks after the rain event I get a phone call saying that the building was flooded with about one foot of water. I had to make an appointment to get into the facility to check on the items that I had in my unit. Once there I waited around for 45 mins. to an hour before getting in to the building.
Omni personnel unaffiliated with this particular facility were handling the different customers. This mainly involved being escorted to the unit, and then having to sign multiple forms that were mainly benefiting Omni. Then I had to empty empty the unit so that they could eventually deal with any remaining water, and disinfect the unit. All very understandable.
The surprise came when I asked if they were insured for flooding and the answer was a resounding, "No. We have fire and burglary insurance." . This is the reason I sought out this web, to get the word out about Omni which is fairly well represented in South Louisiana with a number of facilities across the state. And, in one of their representatives words, "Its' company policy to not have flood insurance." South Louisiana and no flood insurance? Homeowners in certain areas are required to have it. Why wouldn't a business that stores people belonging not have or be required to have?
I'll be back there tomorrow to continue dealing with my stuff. And I'll get to see how large the pile of debris that now surrounds the building has gotten.

Walker, Louisiana.

Aug 24, 2016

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