Omni san antoniocanarias - hostess/lack of service

As a recent Omni guest I ventured to your spa for impromptu nails, and then stayed for hair. The technicians were welcoming and personable. Not to mention they did an exceptional job!

I just went back to have a quick lunch at 2:15 PM and although there were many tables that were cleared outside the hostess (Frances)-9 gave me no choice of outdoors or in, and when asked frowned and told me that it would be 10 minutes for her to clear a table. I left and went back to Canarias for drinks and a bite. So very disappointing, especially with it my last afternoon in San Antonio.

Again, I loved my time at the spa, everybody was so very gracious. The feeling I got from your hostess was that SHE didn't want my business.

  • Updated by brookeville, Jul 26, 2018

    to be clear...Omni was AWEFUL, Canarias was wonderful!

Jul 26, 2018

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