Omni Health and Fitness / Scam

1. When I signed the contract (paid in full) in January of 2008, I specifically asked how the contract could be cancelled. Mr. Wesley Taylor, the sales agent/signor for Omni informed me that I could cancel the contract at any time for any reason provided I gave Omni 30-days written notice. I repeated his answer back to him to ensure that I understood him correctly. He assured me that I did. I further asked him about the funds that were already paid and he informed me that the funds would be returned to me on a prorated basis. It was on these assurances- that I could cancel at any time with 30-days written notice with a prorated refund- that I signed the contract. I would not have signed the contract otherwise. However, upon trying to cancel the contract, I have now been informed that I am not permitted to cancel the contract except as provided in the agreement, which does not state the same cancellelation procedures as Mr. Taylor discussed. I feel very much cheated as I only signed the contract due to Mr. Taylor's statements regarding the cancellation procedures, which I had specifically inquired about. I stated this to the Omni's manager in June 2008 but he refused to provide any relief.

2. The contract does not state that the membership is auto-renewable, past the life of the agreed upon terms but the billing company states that the contract is auto-renewable. Furthermore, the billing company states that there are terms in their copy of the contract that are not in my carbon copy.

Based on other complaints I've seen, Omni seems to engage in a pattern of the representative misleading the signor and then the company saying, "Sorry, you signed the contract now pay up."


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