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Omni Cable conducts their interviews strictly through their HR Department, Sean Mooney. I applied for an inside sales/customer service and consulting position.
Sean spent 45 minutes interviewing me over the phone. Later I met my direct report in person along with another manager. I spent three hours that day and it seemed quite positive.
A week later they invited me to lunch and afterward I was told that I was going to made an offer.
Sean called me the next day to say that they were 'very excited' to have me on board. I would start in 2 weeks, November 15.
Four days before my start date I fell, severely spraining my ankle and foot. The next day I woke up with flu-like symptoms. All this a few days before my first day of employment.
I tended myself over this time and on Sunday, my foot and ankle seemed better.
However, on Monday, my foot began to swell on the drive into my new job. I arrived a few minutes before 8:00 a.m. and by 11:00 a.m. my foot was severely swollen. I wanted to raise and ice it. At which time, the individual I was working with told me to go home.
He led me into my direct report's office and I asked them if they felt it would be better to move my start date to November 29th, which I should have done on Friday after my fall. Both men were in agreement and assured me that there would be no problem.
I left and went to the doctor to be told to treat myself as I had been.
Upon my return home Sean Mooney had left me a message. They had decided to rescind their offer of employment. When I asked for a reason, they only stated that I moved the hire date.
A lawyer told me that the reason they rescinded their offer was due to the accident and they deemed it a liability.
Other people I have spoken with have deemed it to be a very shallow act on the management at Omni Cable.
Be warned Omni Cable is all business. There is no room for human compassion at this company

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