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[Resolved] Omicron Granite / Omicron Granite: big selection; mark your chosen slab

1 3600 Reese AvenueRiviera Beach, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 954-942-2525

August 18, 2008 VIA FAX: [protected]
phone: [protected]

Mr. Fred Cohen, Owner
Omicron Granite
Corporate Office
3120 N. Andrews Avenue
Pompano Beach, FL 33064

Dear Mr. Cohen:

This letter is to apprise you of the situation regarding my having chosen granite at Omicron, and a subsequent granite installation at 8 Balfour Road, Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

In January 2008 my husband, Michael McCombs, and I contracted with Chris Couture of Innovative Home Services to renovate the house on Balfour Road. As part of that renovation, a complete replacement of the kitchen included granite countertops.

Chris directed me to Omicron Supply on Garden Road to select granite. My husband and I met with Raul Leger who showed me many granite slabs and then wrote up my choices on a selection sheet as “Giallo Antico” and “Ruby Red” granite. He used a marker to write those names on samples from the slabs. I told him that Chris Couture, whom Raul knew, would be contacting Omicron to purchase the granite I selected.

In July 2008, Kevin from H4 Stone, I.H.S.’s stone contractor, working with a copy of that same selection sheet, purchased one slab of “Ruby Red” and two slabs of “Giallo Antico” from Omicron.

On August 7 my husband and I arrived in Florida, excited to see the new granite installation – only to find that while the “Ruby Red” was exactly as I selected, the “Giallo Antico” in no way resembled what I was shown by Raul to be “Giallo Antico”. I still had a sample of the granite that I chose and it did not look at all like this “Giallo Antico”…. Yet Raul had written “Giallo Antico” on the back of this original sample.

Kevin took my sample and a chunk of the installed granite to Omicron and spoke with Francesco. I followed a couple of hours later. Francesco was very nice but insistent that what he sold Kevin was “Giallo Antico” as requested. I looked for replacement granite but didn’t find anything.

Today I returned to Omicron to once again try to find replacement granite. This time, with Ken’s and Francesco’s help, and after pulling out 3 slabs of granite I found one I liked and which Ken knocked off two pieces for me…..only to discover that it was the very same granite that I selected in the first place! I asked Francesco what was the name of this granite. “Golden Leaf” he said. I told him it was the exact same granite I’d initially selected but that Raul named it “Giallo Antico” on the original selection sheet. Which would explain why “Giallo Antico” was purchased.

Francesco told me he’d cut Kevin a “super-duper” deal on the new granite. I told Francesco that to be fair, his employee was the one responsible for calling the granite by the wrong name in the first place and that Omicron should replace the granite at no charge. It didn’t matter that it had been a long time between granite selection and purchase; it didn’t matter that Kevin asked for “Giallo Antico” when what I wanted was “Golden Leaf” because Raul wrote down the wrong name. Omicron supplied the wrong granite because Raul, your employee, used the wrong name.

To not stand behind your own paperwork is a terrible business practice. To try to make your customers pay for the mistakes made by your employees is horrible and should be reported to the Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce. I can’t imagine how as the owner of Omicron you could in good conscience not supply two slabs of “Golden Leaf” at no charge and also compensate Kevin for his fabrication and installation labor for the wrong granite that Omicron supplied.

Omicron is the only party in this issue who erred. You should right your wrong.

  • Resolution statement

    Mr. Cohen subsequently offered to reimburse me and the stone fabricator for our second slab of granite and the labor to cut and install it. He was very apologetic and generous. I would definitely use them again BUT would make sure that the specific slab I chose was marked with my name.

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  • Je
      26th of Sep, 2008
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    I, too, experienced an issue with Omicron. My husband and I are remodeling our kitchen and went to the Pompano facility to select granite. We found exactly what we wanted and according to the staff there, its name is Cascaluza. However, when the slabs were delivered to the fabricator, and I went there to place the template where I wanted the granite to be cut, I discovered that the two slabs delivered were NOT the two slabs I had chosen. Thank goodness I had taken several pictures to prove my point and thank goodness this was discovered before the granite was cut and installed.

    My designer and I travelled to the Pompano facility in the hopes that maybe the wrong slabs had been accidentally delivered since we were told on the phone that none of the Cascaluza slabs had been sold or moved since our initial visit. However, the slabs were nowhere to be found...and neither was a satisfactory explanation. Suffice to say, we will not be recommending Omicron to our friends.

  • Om
      19th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Omicron sells ove 16000 slabs every year and almost every one of our customers is totally satisfied with their experience. since we started bring in the cascaluzza
    we have had inventory of the color and the slabs are extremely similar . It is standard industry practice that slabs are only put on hold for a customer for 7 days because many times the customer changes his mind and never buys thte slabs. once the date on the slabs is seven days old we have no obligation to provide those slabs to the customer. Many times fabricators call us and ask for
    two slabs of a color and no tell us who the customer was so we are not required to
    send any specific slabs. we just send the slabs in front as they are the easiest to load.
    fred cohen
    omicron granite

  • Pa
      8th of Oct, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Ha. I just got a certified letter from Omicron's attorneys threatening me with some kind of action if I don't withdraw the complaint I filed last year. Made defamatory statements about MY conduct in those transactions.

    What I did:
    1. Believed (trusted, why wouldn't I?)) the Omicron employee when he called the granite I liked "Giallo Antico"
    2. Ordered "Giallo Antico"
    3. Discovered that the granite has been mis-named by the employee; it was really "Golden Leaf"
    4. Asked Omicron (Fred Cohen) if they would stand behind their reputation of customer service and make good on their mistake. He told me -- and this an exact quote - "That sucks for you."
    5. Ended up buying MORE granite from Omicron because, sadly, they were the only marble yard with the slabs I wanted.

    And now their attorney is calling ME negligent?

    I'll change the title on the original complaint if Complaint Board will allow me to, but it is a completely factual account of what happened.

    And you can do whatever you want to me, Fred. I'm not afraid of you or your attorneys.

    But future ex-customers should be.

  • Jo
      5th of Dec, 2013
    0 Votes

    Fred Cohen doesn't value his business, his customers, or his employes.

  • Al
      9th of Jun, 2014
    0 Votes

    When a person contracts with a fabricator to produce, a finished and installed product, then the installer (fabricator) should take responsibility to insure that the client receives exactly what they have contracted for. I believe that the home owner did not receive what they contracted for and should get a replacement or discount if acceptable by all parties.

  • Ma
      22nd of Feb, 2015
    0 Votes

    My husband Bob and I were in the process of remodeling our kitchen, and we were very inspired by the beautiful designs we were seeing on apps like Pinterest and Instagram for design ideas. Although our budget was somewhat modest, we dreamed big and wouldn’t settle for anything less than the most beautiful granite countertops for our home.

    We live off of Andrews Avenue in Pompano, so we were familiar with Omicron Granite from having driven by their showroom countless times. It would obviously be most convenient for us if we had them supply and install the granite, but being internet savvy, we did our homework first.

    We looked them up online to make sure they didn’t have a bad reputation, and fortunately for us, most reviews portrayed them in a positive light. We called the showroom asking if we could make an appointment, and we spoke to Rachel who was really sweet and told us we could come right down.

    I gathered the many printouts and clippings of stones I had been collecting and we drove over.
    We met with Rachel and Yoni, both were very friendly and extra courteous. They spent a lot of time showing us the many different types and colors of granites they had. We were there for quite some time, because there were so many different choices, and all of it was just so lovely. Still, despite being busy, we were never hurried or abandoned. Yoni was very patient with us and worked with us until we had finally chosen the perfect granite. We were able to arrange something that fit within our budget, and we set up an appointment to have an installation crew come out to our home and have everything installed. We thanked Yoni and Rachel for all their time and help, and I left with such a great feeling.

    On the date of our appointment, the installation crew arrived on time. They were very nice and didn’t dawdle. They worked very hard throughout the day, and I approached them on a few occasions asking if they’d like coffee or tea. Bob and I would also watch over them to make sure everything looked like it was being installed correctly, but for the most part, the smoothness of everything that had lead up to that point gave us a great sense of ease and peace of mind. When the job was completed, the workers made sure to clean up most of the mess. I was so appreciative of their hard work, and the result is just phenomenal. I did get those dream granite countertops I wanted, and my kitchen now looks just like the ones you see on Pinterest and Instagram. I can’t tell you how pleased Bob and I are with everything Omicron Granite & Tile has done for us, and we will never turn to anyone else for future projects. I am a customer for life!

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