Omega Watches / Failure of product

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The so called watch for a life time ' Omega ' was bought for me as a gift by my daughter, from Popley & Sons, Mumbai, bandra, India, and the watch failed within three and a half years of purchase. when I mentioned this to my friends they said that the watch must have been a fake. these days one is not sure whether one is buying a real one or a fake.
Earlier I had bought an Omega in Zurich in 1975, and continued using the watch with out any defect till it was sent for service in 1995.
How does one know one is buying a genuine watch or not. Had the Omega I had received been genuine, it should not have failed within that short period. If it did, then there was a manufacturing defect which the makers fail to understand. Very unfortunate.
Narayanan Krishnan

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