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Omega Van Lines / Unhelpful, rude, dishonest, and unethical company!

1 United States Review updated:

I chose them for my cross country move after looking at their website. WARNING: They have the better business bureau seal on their website, but when I researched them on the BBB (too late) it said they were not a member.

The movers came two and a half hours late (the owner of the company said there were mechanical problem but when the head mover arrived he said that he wanted to sleep late 'cause he had been up all night.) The mover tried to ridiculously inflate the price (my estimate was $1492, he said it would be around $4,000). I held my ground and he eventually gave up on that point. He also tried to do the usual stuff that jacks up the price (charging you for rolls and rolls of tape, extra boxes, etc...). I've moved enough to know that's what they do, so I was extra vigilant about that.

He then tacked on some extra hours of labor, but I adjusted that with the head of the company and he agreed to take $150 off the (already inflated)price.

I have WRITTEN correspondence that repeatedly states that it would take up to 7 business days for my stuff to arrive. On the seventh day it wasn't there. The owner of the company informed me that they got "backed up" in Vegas, and guaranteed that it would be there on Friday. Friday came and went. No one ever called to tell me that it wasn't going to happen. I got the wonderful news when I called the driver myself and he said he wasn't going to make it. He promised me the next day. The next day had more "mechanical" problems and didn't show up until 8pm at night. When they did finally arrive, they refused to even open the truck until we gave them the cashier's check. I said "no" and called the owner of the company who informed me that "he couldn't do anything about it, and that if I wanted to play hardball, then it was up to me."

Basically, they were holding my stuff hostage until I paid them the remaining balance. At that point, what can you do besides pay what is basically, a ransom? You are completely and utterly powerless. With absolutely no other option, we handed over the check and I just kept my fingers crossed that all my stuff was there. I haven't opened everything, but there is a broken table and the boxes are buckled and worse for wear. Hopefully nothing is broken, but since I packed most of the stuff myself, I would have no recourse.

From the time they picked my stuff up, to the time they delivered my stuff, they were unhelpful, rude, dishonest, and unethical. They already have my money, so there's not much I can do except let other people know what a horrible and nerve wracking experience it was to deal with this company.


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  • Ke
      10th of Jan, 2008
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    Omega Van Lines - Do not use them!
    Omega Van Lines
    United States

    I hired Omega Van Lines to help with our move. They came and wrapped up our items in DC with blankets and so forth, all looked good. We paid for insurance just in case. When the items arrived 3 days late in North Carolina, the items were no longer wrapped tightly in the blankets. They were exposed. All of our furniture was kicked, scratched and/or broken. We were missing 8 boxes. We watched with our own eyes the movers drop our L desk and break it into pieces. We took pictures as they packed our items in VA and we took pictures as they were unloading it. We filed a claim with Omega Van lines to get our money back via insurance from the damage. Omega Van Lines refused to respond to either our phone calls, emails or letters. We sent a certified letter they signed for but still refused to respond. I even called Omega Van Lines every day for a week trying to get them to give me an answer months later, still no response.

    I filled with BBB against Omega Van Lines and was not able to get payment in the end. The claim was left unsatisfied. In the end my options are still to bring them to small claims court to get my money (but since i know live in NC not really possible) or just eat the loss.

    Well I need to eat the loss and deal with it, but not without spreading the warning to you all. DO NOT HIRE OMEGA VAN LINES TO HELP MOVE. Their customer service is rude when you can talk to them, but most likely they will not respond to you.

  • Ka
      22nd of Jan, 2008
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    Omega Van Lines - Poor service!
    Omega Van Lines
    Beltsville/Silver Spring
    United States

    I hied this company for a state-to-state move from Maryland to Florida. The movers they sent could not speak English so communication was impossible. I watched them wrap and pack my items, some of which were valuable antique furniture. Upon arrival, they wanted an extra $795 or they would take my items back and charge storage. I paid the extra charge, but most of my antiques were either damaged or utterly destroyed! I was a business consultant and I know a bit about contract law. So I filed a complaint and a claim using the insurance they had in the contract. I discovered that although the insurance is offered on the contract THEY CHARGE FOR IT BUT DON'T HONOR IT!!! They are also SELF INSURED SO THEY DON'T HAVE TO PAY CLAIMS!! Many people think that this is where it will end. But I knew better. According to contract law, you have the right to file suit in the state where the contract originated or in the state where it was ended. So I filed in Florida, received a $5k judgment with pre-trial interest, because noone from Omega showed up. I then filed a request for foreign judgment in Maryland and am now filing for a writ of garnishment. Do it! This is the only avenue that will help you. But it must be done within a year of the end of the contract.

  • Ma
      30th of Jan, 2008
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    Are you sure you can't file in small claims court in NC? That would be more inconvenient for them. If they don't show up, you might get a judgement entered against them and then you could turn that over to a collection agency.

    Also, try the Attorney General's office in DC (not sure if they have one like states do), the American Moving and Storage Association which has arbitration, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

    Good luck!

  • He
      6th of Feb, 2008
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    How sad! My stuff is still en route, and they have charged my credit card for both the Before and the After halves of the pmt. I, too, relied on the BBB statement in the phone book, as well as the website. The cost was about twice the estimate and clearly involved cheating. Sigh. Wish me luck!

  • He
      6th of Feb, 2008
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    Darn! My stuff is en route, and I put most of my sad moving story in my last comment on another sad story. Sigh.

  • He
      5th of Mar, 2008
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    Omega Van Lines - Terrible service and overcharging!
    Omega Van Lines
    United States

    They took 1 month + 2 days to deliver my stuff from VA to CA. For nearly all that time, they didn't answer the phone, return calls, or answer emails, and I didn't know where my stuff was or when it would be delivered.

    The 'actual' charge was 60% higher than the estimate. The shipping weight they told me turned out to be twice the actual weight of the items. They lied: a recommended 'tip' of $280 was supposed to give $40 each to 4 loaders in VA and 3 deliverers in CA, but of course the 2 actual deliverers in CA saw none of the money. Thank heavens it's over and all I need to do is finish my dispute of the charges through my Visa!!

  • Ga
      20th of May, 2008
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    Awful company!!

    On January 15, 2008, Omega Van lines Inc provided a moving service from Ashburn (VA) to Pentagon City (VA).
    The total of this service was supposed to be $ 267.00 like the following document indicates.
    But after completion of the service the 2 movers ask for a total balance of $1279.00. I refused to pay this balance because their quote states “no hidden cost” and the $1012.00 was a bouquet of hidden cost.

    I ask them to call their office so I could discuss this issue with their manager and the 2 transporters told me that no one was in the office at this time of the night and declared that if I refuse to pay they will keep the furniture and I might not see them again.
    At that time, the 2 men intimidate me for the reason that I was alone and didn’t know what would be their next step, so I signed all the paper and ask them to leave.
    After that day, I call the company multiples times and discuss with the owner that promise that he will refund the overcharged but he never did. He started avoiding my phone calls and the last time we had a conversation, he told me the maximum he could refund was $ 50.00.

  • Il
      18th of Jun, 2008
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    [b]DO NOT USE OMEGA VAN LINES!!! [/b] It is a recreation of Wings Vans Lines, which screwed me and many others (read any of the many forums). Wings Van Lines stole over $50, 000 worth of my stuff when they suddenly just went out of business while I was in the middle of a move from FL to NY. It's like the company just disappeared. Then one day when I went to their web site (, it immediately transferred me to to After doing some thorough research on the Florida Depart of State Corporations web site, I found out that guys have had multiple moving companies over the past 5 years (Wings Delivery, Moving Van Lines, Wings Van Lines, and their newest venture OMEGA VAN LINES). These corporations have been incorporated in many states including Florida, New Jersey, and New York (from what I found), with the same group of people acting as officers of the corporation. But don't take my word for it, check it out yourself, it's all public record ands it's free to access!!!

    Unfortunately the links to the web site are very long and I cannot paste them on this forum. However if you go to the website below Florida Department of State Division of Corporation and search for "Wings van lines" and "Omega Van lines" that the officers, place of business (which the police say is abandoned), and registered agent are all the same:
    THE OFFICERS: [/u]
    1. Roman Korol
    2805 E 26 ST
    Brooklyn, NY 11235

    2. Alexander Minz
    104 Palisade Ave #C-2
    Jersey City, NJ 07306

    4. Guy Zaroom Cohen (Original Wings Owner and President, who now owns First USA Movers and a company called Apple Group Management)
    1919 Van Buren St.
    Hollywood, FL 33020

    I have already filed a report with the FBI, Hollywood Police, Broward County Sheriffs Office, NJ State Police, the New York State Police, the Dept of Transportation, and the Better Business Bureau. So far I have not yet heard anything back from any of them. However, I do want to pursue civil lawsuit and possibly a class action lawsuit against these people.[u]

  • Te
      1st of Jul, 2008
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    I am a little surprised to hear about all these complaints. I moved with them 3 years ago and I know so many good stories about the company, I know they made some changed and I got from them a long list of references of happy people.
    I am sorry to learn about your experience.
    One of the issues that I would advise is on reading the quote completely and submitting as much info about the move.

  • Om
      14th of Jul, 2008
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    I dont know how "Ilovewings" got the idea that"OMEGA VAN LINES INC. FROM MARYLAND" is associate with "wings van lines" from Florida.Are you aware of "omega shipping in NY " or"Omega movers in CA" ? "SO JUST BECAUSE A COMPANY has the SAME NAME OR ALL OF THE SUDDEN ONE PAGE POP UP WHILE YOU WERE DOING RESEARCH IT MEANS WE ARE THE SAME COMPANY"? WE DONT HAVE ANY ASSOCIATION WITH THEM or Guy Zaroom Cohen OR ANY OTHER LOCATION OR STORAGE IN FL --NY.AND YOU SAID "Unfortunately the links to the web site are very long and I cannot paste them on this forum"WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT???? JUST GO TO TO SEE IF YOU WILL BE DIRECTED INTO OUR WEB SITE!!!?????
    About the BBB we are aware of it and as of now our membership is due to be renewed but we are not interested in their service since it takes them a whole month to process the customer's feedback when we do it with in 48hrs. AS OF NOW, WE HAVE taken care of all complaints BROUGHT TO OUR ATTENION. UNFORTUNATLY the BBB is very quick to post complaints but they are very slow to correct it once the issue was resolved. They don't post the good references which if they did will exceed by far the complaints.Costumers have to realize that all companies have complaints the question is how many, what period of time, was it resolved? What is it about? Sometimes it is not the companies fault, sometimes it is not reading in full the quote / contract but in a subjective way.
    We work very hard to address any complaint. It is not a quick process.
    We, not like other companies, DON'T OPEN A 2nd and 3rd company in order to "HIDE OUR PAST".

  • He
      15th of Jul, 2008
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    If your question regarding my attitude towards the complaint is a reference to the complaint which precedes my complaint, then I "agree" and have accordingly pressed that button. Omega advertises itself as having a professional team of movers. The day of the move, Omega brought a group of unskilled laborers who they obtained from a local job center. The crew broke several pieces including an irreplacable antique miniature victrolola. My move was very large . I had well over fifty boxes. It took several months to unpack because the "additional movers" were really illegal immigrants with little to no English proficency. Hence they could not mark the boxes when packed wth a list of enclosed items or provide written indication of the room they were to go in as promised by the recptionist prior to the move. I sued but the court found for Omega. The judge rejected my arguments that Omega had breached the contract by their actions. I am confident that justice will prevail at some point. Since 2005, 42 complaints have been made with the the Better Business Bureau against Omega.

  • Th
      7th of Aug, 2008
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    Contact: Kristin Schrader, Tel.: (202) 366-9999 or
    (202) 366-2309

    Consumers can help identify noncompliant household goods movers by calling FMCSA's nationwide complaint hotline,
    1-888-368-7238 (1-888 DOT-SAFT) or by visiting Prior to selecting a household goods carrier, consumers should also visit FMCSA’s for information on planning a successful move and to search movers and their complaint history.

    For a list of companies cited during the strike force, see

    The strike force targeted states that received the most complaints in the National Household Goods Consumer Complaint database (

    Household Goods Complaint Disclaimer:

    Fines for violations of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations are set by Federal statute. Examples of the violations discovered include: holding shippers' household goods hostage, operating without proper legal authority, failing to follow tariff requirements, failing to provide shipper information, and failing to keep proper records:

    I had to deal with this very issue during May 2008. We paid in full for a move, the 'brokered' mover showed up in a Penske truck. Friends stayed in our home during this ordeal.

    The driver showed up with a man who claimed to be a hitch hiker, and was intoxicated.

    When the driver arrived at our new home, he had another worker with him, who told us he was from Mexico and was given $150.00 to help the driver unload the Penske truck.

    Needless to day, our items did not arrive in the *an*lines truck that we were told was going to be picking up and delivering our household items.

    File a complaint, when the fines hit these brokers and moving companies in their pockets, maybe, just maybe they'll get the picture.

  • Mi
      2nd of Oct, 2008
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    Omega Van Lines - moving estimate doubled
    Omege Van Lines
    10701 C Hanna Street
    United States
    Phone: 877-586-6342

    I was given an estimate of 2200 and told that there were no hidden charges. I was paying by weight and had 2 estimates from professional companies. When they arrived at the new house- they told me that I owed 4800 (which he later dropped to 4400) or he would take my stuff to maryland and I would never see it. He told me because it was out of state move, that I need two trucks and it took long to pack. All of that information was known in the initial estimate. I had everything packed but the lead guy repacked and rewrapped everything- so "he could really pack the truck full". I was charged for boxes and items that I didn't get or need.

  • Ca
      2nd of Nov, 2008
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    These movers are the horrible!!! Just as others have said they are very unprofessional. They were scheduled to arrive on a Sat at 8am by 10:30 when they were not ther my husband called and was told that the truck broke down and that they needed to get another truck. 2hrs later we have heard nothing so called them got no answer. About 20 min later we received a call that they could not do the move today and needed to change it to tomorrow, we ask what they were going to offer as a discount since we had to drive from our new home to the old one to meet them some 2 hrs away and would have to do this again tomorrow. We were told that they would see what they could do. On Sun they arrived at 8:15 am we only had 1 bedroom set, 1 dining room set, 1 living room set, TV extra hutch, tanning bed and some boxes it took them 7 hts to load it in the truck and it was not their truck it was a Penski rental truck!!!. Their quote was 950.00 when they arrived at our new home at 7:30pm!! they came in said it would be 4780.00 pd now or they would not take things off the truck. We called the police and showed them a copy of our contract and the federal rules re amt that can be charged by movers, we even called a lawyer and was told we need to fight this in court which we fully plan on doing. If anyone else in interested in a class action lawsuit against them I am in for it also. DO NOT USE THESE SO CALLED MOVERS!!!

  • Pu
      15th of Apr, 2009
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    Please do yourself a favor and do not use this company for your move. They have A LOT of hidden fees that were not disclosed before or even during the move. Once they have packed their rented Penske truck up with all of your stuff they give you an "estimated" amount and from there you are to give them a method of payment. If not, guess what? You don't get your stuff.

    Another issue...they will not move your mattresses, sofas or arm chairs without wrapping it. So, we had them wrap it--it totaled close to $100 in extra fees. If I would've known that--I would've bought the plastic myself and wrapped it.

    "Management" is hardly managing anything except all the extra fees that they have to keep track of.

    This company is shady and I would never recommend it to my worst enemy let alone my friends and family.

  • Su
      24th of Aug, 2009
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    This company should be put out of business! Absolute worst.

    I was VERY disappointed with the service I received. Originally I was quoted $300 for 3 men and 1 Truck for 3 hours of time. So come Saturday, I have to call multiple times and leave a voicemail trying to confirm the pickup time. There was no answer and no courtesy to even call me back. So I call back for a 4th time for someone to answer very rudely. Next the movers arrive with a 4th person which takes the hourly rate up over the quoted and agreed upon amount. When we reach the destination address everything is going as it should until the guys start taking the blankets off of my furniture and slamming them down. I even had to tell them to please be careful as my wardrobe I got in Italy has laquered glass doors that scratch very easily. I am attaching pictures of what my doors look like now, since when he was unwrapping them he was throwing them up against each other where the screw heads completely scratched off the surface of my doors. You can also see that he left some blankets as it is very evident that things were getting destroyed in the process and he decided not to uncover the others or bother telling me. So now my wardrobe is not only ruined but now it is worthless. I also have a matching dresser set for my wardrobe that was damaged while taking off the blankets as well. They lifted it and slammed it to the floor where the sides ripped off the bottom of the dresser, and now it too is ruined and useless to me. So as they are leaving I am told that the total cost will be $1159? Which is 4 times over the amount quoted. The job ranged from 1:45 to about 6:45 which is a 5 hour job plus the one extra guy so I expected the price to be higher than the original quote but $1159, is a complete ripoff. So in summary I am very angry with this whole ordeal and feel like I was ripped off, and I feel that your company lacks professionalism, common courtesy and is more concerned with getting the most money out of people while doing the worst job possible. I will never use your company again and I plan on warning others about the kind of work your company offers. I have attached the pictures of the damage, as well as I plan on calling in first thing in the morning an speaking with the manager on duty, and I will try to go and speak with someone even higher up if needed as this is not acceptable service paid for.

    MOVER BEWARE... if you want your things broken and to pay 4 to 10 times what you were quoted then this is the company for you.

  • Rh
      1st of Sep, 2009
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    Omega Van Lines have done the same to me, however the truck went to Ca with one worker and when he arrived the driver said he had to charge us $75. per floor. Three floors. Extra. Why? Because he had to hire a second man to help unload. I was going to pay with money orders from Nationall City Bank, but the driver said only Postal money orders. What the hell is the difference. If I ever meet these people they will find out what a Veteran can do. He decided not to take the money order and took the furniture back. If you are looking for a moving company pay a little more and get the job done right. Phones calls, over billing, wrong weight, the list goes on. Please save yourself many days and nights of worry and find another company.

  • Sm
      8th of Feb, 2010
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    I hired this company back in March 2009 to move from Columbia, MD to Laurel, MD (10 Miles). After checking many different companies, they sold me on their service by stating that they would charge a flat rate of $125.00 an hour (which included all packing supplies) and since a buddy of mine help me move the last time (just the two of us), I figured it would only take about 6-8 hours.

    We requested an in-house estimate and was given a quote of $1200.00 (8 Hours)

    In preparation and to help keep costs down as low as possible, my wife and I packed everything we could possibly pack to reduce the amount of time they would need to pack. In the evenings prior to the scheduled move date and also on the prior weekend, my wife and I personally moved as many boxes as we could, so basically, when they showed up, the only things they would have to pack and move was furniture and items that I could not move myself.

    When they showed up (2 hours late), they got right to work (4 of them) and only one of them spoke English, which is Ok, but made it hard to provide them direction on to disassemble the furniture or answer any questions they had. For the most part, I was quite pleased with their packing ability and speed. We have some pretty large (and heavy) pieces of furniture which they had to manipulate down 3 flights of stairs.

    When we got to the new location, the Foreman approached me with the bill before they would start unloading the truck. With an estimate of how long it would take to unload the truck, taxes, fuel charges, travel time (They charge a 2-hour round trip minimum @ 125.00 an hour), I was hit with a bill of $1725. This was $525 over the estimate and remember, my wife and I packed and moved all the small items ourselves (close to 75 boxes) . Items that were included into the original estimate. When I protested the charge and explained to him that we had moved most of the stuff ourselves, he basically told me that if I did not pay, in full, the balance due, they would take my stuff to their warehouse and we would have to pay storage fees. With little choice, I gave the man a check for the full amount.

    As they unloaded the truck and set things up, they accidently gouged our new hardwood floors in a couple of places while positioning the heavy furniture. The Foreman immediately assured us that if I file a claim, they would send someone out to repair the damage (I found out later that the Foreman who told me this was actually the company Manager). A couple of other items got broken and at one floorlamp was broken and another came up missing, although we did not realize it until they had left.

    For the most part, I was quite pleased with the 3 non-English speaking movers. They were friendly, hard-working and I believe, did their best to be careful.

    Over the next two weeks, I fought with the company to obtain the required claim forms and once I finally got them completed and submitted, I didn't hear anything from the company for weeks. Everytime I tried to call them either no one would answer or they would tell me that the Manager wasn't in. One time, they even hung up on me when I identified myself and asked for the Manager.

    I resorted to contacting them through email. When I did get to talk to the Manager on the phone, he kept telling me he was waiting on the insurance company for payment. When I finally got the check, it was on a regular company check, not a insurance company check as I expected. It was very hastily written and for the amount of $62.50 versus the claim of $600.00 that I had submitted. When I called him to protest the amount (I was miffed to say the least), he told me that since I did not purchase additional insurance, he was only obligated to pay $.35 a pound and as far as the floor damage, his company was not responsible for damage to the dwelling. Baffled, I asked him that if his workers came in and destroyed the house, his company wasn't responsible? and he told me flat out that is correct. I said to him "So what you are telling me is that I have no recourse in this matter" to which he replied "That is right".

    To summarize, I have no heartburn with the regular workers (although, I suspect that they may be exploited illegals), they were very polite and hardworking. The manager and the company itself has some very big ethical problems in the way they conduct their business. I can't believe that they have managed to stay in business this long.

  • Rw
      16th of Mar, 2010
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    Omega Van Lines - reneged on refund
    Omega Van Lines
    no fixed address, many offices
    United States

    I moved from Rockville MD to Fredericksburg VA. Quoted $2500; numerous trips ended up costing $11, 000!!! $800 of that was for temporary retaining of packing blankets; a refund was agreed upon return of blankets and signed on the contract. I needed about 10; they left 70(!!!) because they were in a hurry, did not unwrap items which were in right location in the house. 6 weeks later, I called to return items, and Mr. Omega said that I had had the blankets for "three months" and the refund was reduced from $800 to $300. I tried mediation, no success (he would not schedule a meeting). I have filed at Small Claims Court, but months of delay because they can't serve Mr. Omega -- he has many addresses. Each time delays at least 3 months. He answers the phone himself so I cannot get better information. I am stuck with these blankets in my garage and keep renewing my suit -- as I write this, it has been 9 months.

  • Ea
      1st of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Omega van line, they did the same thing to me, I was charged for almost $6000.00 for two bedroom townhouse to two bedroom apartment.

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