Ombudsman for Short Term Insurance / Poor service delivery

1 South Africa
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Submitted a case for investigation in June2010. To date the feedback has been non-existent. I am promised that calls will be returned, the matter will be investigated but nothing happens. I have done all the 'dirty' work, gathering and collating information and passed it on to the personm dealing with the matter ...and still nothing. Instead, the same info gets requested over and over. I've been given the excuse of 'we overloaded with work', I emphathised but I think I have been extremely patient and co-operative only to have egg on my face!! I do not take kindly to it. I send emails, all I get are read receipts. What kind of fool they think I am? Sending a read receipt doesn't mean you read it. What needs to happen before something is done? Is this the way the OSTI conducts itself? You should be ashamed of yourself! Put the shoe on the other foot. What is your purpose if you don't even interact with the client? I wonder if this posting is even going to do anything? I've now tried to escalate to Gail Walters - chairperson for OSTI.

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