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my name is omar qandeel, and my user is omarqandeel on
im very sad to see my profile on freelancer has been suspend, the story was started last week when i made a withdrew of 1120$, so the site made the request in pending and it was true on 4/2/2015, , so after that on the day that i will receive the payment on my payoneer account, they didn't made transfer, so i sent them more than 10 tickets and they said we will not send your payment, even i have alot of money in my account, also they took about 500$ as refund for my employers, i sent my employers to pay me, they did that, and my employes chat with the site and they approve my payemnt, the site refused to refund me, and they asked me to ask my employer to pay me offsite, it was huge problem for me. also about 500$ i lost them and the projects are completed with 5* and good feedback, this is not my first time i did withdrew, i did alot of times, but know i think there is someone who is stoning money there, i contacted them to make the withdrew as there is no reason to delay it to 10/2/2015 and today they made my account suspend. i have a sick daughter and im working as freelancer to pay for her treatment, it is no fair to die my daughter while i have money in my account there and the dont want to help me to withdrew them, it is no fair at all

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    hello, im very sorry to hear that i have three months while working and no problem was happened, the problem was started before 30 days when you made reverse of payment for my completed projects, these completed projects were completed with no issues and full payments was in place, also good feedback with 5*, so i contacted the site support, and they told me to contact employers, my employers contacted the site and they approve my payments, the site freelancer refuse to reverse the payment, to my account, and the support asked me to send my employers to pay me me outside freelancer, so what happened is the site was reversing money from new project payments to the old employers and this is huge problems, my employers saying that the money on freelancer website, and you are saying that there is no money for those employers " im talking bout 5 employers" with losing about 600$ -1000$ that i lost for nothing, after hard-work and ... also on dispute system i lost more than 500$-1000$ for nothing, i have the approve that my employers were chatting with me on skype, and the site administrator saw that on their chat history, and they suspend my account and the employers no. and they refund theit money and me no, i just losing project fees... i think the fast decisions for suspended accounts to me last month for no reason causes these troubles, so be sure that i will share all my stories and my projects details as screenshots i kept them on my machine here on this site in the next a few days to make sure that all the new freelancers be aware from this site, next time, i dont want to hurt anyone, but this site made me slave to work for free, work for money and the next day i have no money, i think the policies on this site not strict enough and they are a lot of support members from your site who don't know anything about dealing with good people like me all my payments were in the site, and i a paid all project fees, also i worked hard for that, but this site help me to build my career and in 10 seconds destroyed me remember that i have about 500$ - 1000$ in my balance, if you want to close my account you need to send them first, else i have my ways to get my money back thanks

Feb 8, 2015
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  • Om
      4th of Apr, 2011
    Omar - deductio of account
    Saudi Arabia

    I was requested for deactivation and mobily services sended a requested number 11358978116 for deactivation. another sended massage that the deactivation will effect after one week prior to the date of the first sended mail. However, the deduction on the my account has been contenued of not less than two times
    a week with an amount of 5 SR.

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