O'malley's Steak PubBeware

I work there. I see EVERYTHING... unfortunately. The owner never washes his hands, he sexually harasses his employees, and the customers are cheated on their bill. The infamous wings are precooked halfway through, then left in a large green paint bucket on the floor with no lid. When the raw meat is cut, the owner completes cutting and then moves on to preparing the salad bar without gloves and with raw meat hands. He keeps his ziploc baggies and makes us wash them in the dishwater. There is no dishwashing machine-only a sink to hold dish water which is barely changed once per shift. There is a tip pool- all of the girls have to split the tips evenly. On 4th of July-our busiest day of the year- the owner took our tips home and divided them himself. We were expecting to have done very well for ourselves considering it WAS the BUSIEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR- hardly anyone broke $100 for that night after the owner returned and distributed our tips the next week. We know what we made that night-and it was NOT a measly hundred bucks. One time, i had a customer tell me they didn’t like their nachos and to have it removed from the bill. The owner told me to tell them I took it off the bill but to charge them for it anyways... Need I say more??? He also told me that they live off of sexual harassment at O’Malley’s and some people took it too personal...??? Just one peek inside the kitchen (or @ the owner) will tell you everything you need to know of why not to go there. But-i also have to mention that most of the staff is not very pleasant. They will yell @ you, tell you what you are doing wrong in life, make you wait for eternity, and at the end of the night, they still EXPECT your gratuity... Check it out for yourself, I just wouldn’t suggest it if you don't want salmonella or food poisoning- not to mention being harassed.

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