Olympic Plastic Bags Ltd. / Environmental disaster

1 35 Mid-Dominion Acre. Scarborough/Toronto, Ontario, Canada., Toronto, ON, Canada

This is a Federal Government building that houses Queen’s Legion – Canadian Army people. Now this same building has accommodated a plastic factory in a sprawling neighborhood, where employees are working with masks keeping the factory doors open. We get bad, stinky smell.
This is a health hazard and environmental disaster, where hundreds of children are growing up around. Canadian Federal Government knows it but don’t care. All they want is job creation even at the cost of people’s and environmental health.
The Federal Opposition Party Leader’s home was stolen two nights ago while they were sleeping inside. Now RCMP and Cops are chasing to catch the thief to get some stolen stuff back. So it is not the time to contact him for help.
Province of Ontario don’t have any jurisdiction. Even if they have, they operate big coal power generators.
And the City of Toronto! They are, as most of the time we know, busy with fun smoke
and drink and now with the Oh La La re-election Cinderella. City business license and environmental studies department is ‘Yes-No type super competent’.
The existence of this factory in a densely populated area is simply outrageous, hurting and not acceptable.
We, few hundred home owners, feel like we are orphans - no help.
Are there any lawyers, environmental groups who can look into this matter with a
great cause of humanity and environment? This will be much more appreciated.
Thanks in advance from this neighborhood.

Aug 17, 2014

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