Olympia Fields Park District / Poor quality food and Hotels

United States

Trip out of Olympia Fields and Park Forest IL to Albuquerque NM June 19-27, 2016. We were 41 total with two chaperones, myself and Mallory Dodds. This is the second trip I have been on with Diamond and in both cases, we had at least one very poor quality hotel stay and numerous poor quality food stops prepaid by Diamond.
I understand budgets and the need to keep costs down so that people can afford to travel. But this last trip to Albuquerque was not acceptable. Our main hotel was hot, dark and unclean and one of our travelers was bitten by bed bugs-this was confirmed by a doctor. MCM Elegante should be removed from your itinerary completely. I would hope that Diamond would compensate our travelers for at least a portion of what they paid for this trip. If something does not change with Diamond tours soon, our Park District will stop using Diamond. We have already found other companies that we will hope to try soon after the trips we have booked already with Diamond have concluded.
In addition, the Lubby's and the other cafeteria style eateries are just not well received. Our people refused to use the restrooms in both cafeterias because they were so filthy.
Your trips are not planned well as far as where we eat, where we stay etc. there is an inconsistency in quality and service. It make us look bad to offer this poor service .

Jul 06, 2016

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