Olmsted Auto Care Repair s / Red light dash

1 27098 Cook Rd. , NOlmsted, OH, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 440-427-9310

I took my car in for new belts and a pulley. I also asked him to let me know about the CHECK engine red light . I asked where is the bad pulley when they installed a new one??? Can't locate the old pulley. Probably put dressing on the belts. although they seemed new?? I paid the bill and he said" Now if that red dash light comes on again, you'll have to bring it back in, you can't get new license plates." I headed for home and assumed he fixed the red light Check engine. Nope, It was on. My neighbor disconnected the negative cable on my battery for 2 minutes, placed it back on and end of problem No more CK engine red light. I turned him in to th
e ATTY Gen'ls office and the BBB. He got a little cranked up over that and said, " You messed with the wrong person! You lied to me !"

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