[Resolved] Olive Gardenrude, lying, unaccommodating managers

I recently had a birthday party for my mother at your Eatontown, NJ location on 5/14. I called on 5/4 to ask about reservations and the manager told me they would be happy to help with the party and that all I had to do was call the day of to be put on the waitlist because they don't do reservations. He said I may have to wait 5-10 minutes but it should be no problem. I called again on 5/11 just to be sure because I knew it was holiday. The hostess told exactly the same thing: 5-10 minute wait but that I should come a few minutes early to be sure. I called at 8 am on 5/14 to be put on the waitlist and was told again 5-10 minute wait. Everyone presented as if it would be no problem to host this party of 20 people on mother’s day. I arrived for my 6pm "waitlist appointment" at 5:40 and was told it would take 25-35 minutes. It was a surprise party and I arranged for my family to get there at 6 and my mother at 630pm. So waiting a few minute longer was no big deal because we should be seated by 6:20, at the latest and I confirmed this with the hostess when I entered. 6:30 came and all of my family was there and we were still waiting. I stalled my mom because we were told that we were waiting for another family to finish and the room had begun to be set up. The hostess asked the manager if we could go back but he said no because he didn't want the other family to feel uncomfortable. So I waited another 10 minutes and tried to stall my mother. Then there was no more stalling and I got upset because she was on her way and we were still not seated. So the manager took us back to put the decorations up while the other family finished. I asked if it were possible just to have my family come back so the surprise wouldn't be ruined because my mother was on her way.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Eatontown, NJThe manager said no because the other family would be uncomfortable. There were already 3-4 tables in place and set at this point so at the most 1-2 people would be standing if he let us all enter the room because my mother was coming with the rest of the party. So I expressed my frustration to the managers that we were 45 minutes over the time that was discussed and that I called 3 times to make sure this was not going to be an issue. And I was told no problem. The manager denied that we had the discussion and said they were doing the best that we can because it’s a holiday. I told them I understand which is why I called 3 times to be sure. I told the managers if it was going to be an issue they should have told me the first time I called so that I could make other arrangements. The managers were not apologetic and got upset that I was raising my voice out of frustration. I was not disrespectful or cursing or threatening to these people and I am typically a calm and understanding person. But I was livid at their responses. I was told that if I didn’t stop yelling that they wouldn’t help me. I walked away in that moment because I didn’t want to lose it. But I was never approached later with any apology nor was I asked if my service was satisfactory. The one good thing about the night was your waitress. Unfortunately she was not enough to assuage my dissatisfaction with the way things were handled. Needless to say, my family & I will not be returning to Olive Garden. If there is no appropriate response to this complaint, I will be forced to post this complaint on various social media sites to warn other families of this disservice. You need to fix your waitlist policy and I would like an apology and compensation for 20 meals we ordered that night

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

  • Olive Garden Customer Care's Response · May 24, 2017

    Ashley - I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Please email us at [protected] so we can help!

May 18, 2017

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