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My 40 year old son was approached with this offer of purchase of Olen Ross sound system here in Tacoma, WA. The two men were in a nice truck he said not a white van. They showed him a brochure showing its model number and value at $2600 at the same time offering it to him for $300.00 CASH only. The boxes were sealed and were unopened he said. The men claimed they were on their way to a job site, that their boss had overage at their work, and quickly flashed at him a packing slip/invoice with information on it. They opened the box and showed it to him too. When the men found out he did not have any cash they gave him a phone number and were out of there pronto, claiming their boss called and wanted to know where they were.

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      26th of Nov, 2008

    Yes, always check things out BEFORE you buy anything, cons and scammers are every where and they live to take you hard earned cash. The chatrooms have become over loaded with convicts offering what may look like GREAT DEALS, not true.

    The Scammers News.. is a ongoing project working with YAHOO-AOL-MSN and other chat clients, helping to bring to focus the scams and people that use them in our chat rooms on a daily basis, costing consumers millions of dollars monthly. Read about who they are and what they do here >

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      14th of Jan, 2009

    The above links aka The Scammer News has been reported on /link removed/ as a scam. The individual who made that site is Wayne Mathis from Woolrich, PA. He sits in yahoo small business chat rooms and "flames" other businesses/individuals who he does not like and even threatens people. You can find him Yahoo's small business room 1 any time of the day and night. He goes by the ID of mrm_netpros_services as well as the_scammer_news. He boasts about making money off of so called "scammers" in chat rooms, when in fact, HE is the scammer, and he makes NO money from his site. It's simply a way to commit slander, which he thinks makes his site legit. Just ask "Mariam, from Ask Mariam. He copied an article from her blog and put it on another blog site and never gave her credit or did not get permission from her. When confronted, he lied and said he had her permission in a "hidden source code" on his site. A lie. No reader could see it. Mariam later had her attorney contact "Mr. Mathis" and had his blog removed. He denies this of course. The Scammer News is nothing more than a slander site and needs to be removed. Feel free to report him for slander.

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