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Old Dutch Cleanser - Where Is It? / End of Good Cleanser

1 United States

The old Jewess that I bought my house from here in the Coachella Valley of S. California had about 6 boxes of this product under the sink - and for good reason. this stuff cleaned your tub and toilet nearly effortlessly and was able to cut soap and water deposits like nothing else, and left no deposits in the bathtub trap to block it up. Old Dutch made that 35 year old tub look like new!

No longer available. Somebody sold that out to somebody or somebody died and that was the end of it. Ajax and Comet don't work worth a darn here and only leave powder deposits in the tub trap that block it up. The other products that are now hawked don't work either in this water that has a lot of magnesia in it. I'm sure that is also true in other western states.

Another example of American products that have gone by the board and are replaced by inferior products that don't measure up and cost 4X as much.

I'm certain that the makers of Comet and Ajax have no chemistry knowledge and just continue to produce one crappy product that suckers buy and never know the difference. Ajax and Comet probably work ok in New Jersey's water. But elsewhere...nope.

May 15, 2013

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