Oladapo Sobukola / hacked account

1 Lagos, Nigeria., NG

My account, Oladapo Sobukola has been hacked, and the person is using the account to defraud people, collecting money, and call cards. He send message through facebook messanger, telling people that iam stranded in the airport, and no where to buy credit, so they should send credit, to him.
Please i think this person has infiltrated facebook application, because, it was facebook message he sent to me, with facebook logo, and telling me that i should cofirm if i was the one who remove my number from facebook, if not i should acknowledge, once i did that, he logged me out, andstarted using the facebook account, change my e-mail from yahoo to hotmail.

  • Updated by Dapo Sobukola, Nov 21, 2017

    My Account, Oladapo Sobukola.face book account has been hacked, and the guy behind this is using the account to defraud people, if anyone ask you for anything in my name, please call this number to confirm before acceding to the demand

Nov 21, 2017

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