Ola Milky Lane / Stay away from them

I took my niece on Saturday to Milky Lane, because it was her birthday, but what I terrible experience. My niece wanted a Spring Strawberry Explosion, only to be told they out of Strawberries. Why advertise a special if you have no stock of the main ingredient? We did convince her to have something else, to try and make the birthday experience abit better. I decided to have a Cream soda float, Guess what?? they out of Cream Soda. I then decided I will change it to a Coke float, Guess what?? they out of Coke also. I was then offered a Coke light float? Who has a Coke light float? We did then try and make do with Coldrinks they had in stock, I ended up having a Sparberry float. Milky lane Trade Route, sort out your stock, so that customers can have a better Ola experience.


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