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Oklahoma Foster Care / Defamation of Character

1 Shawnee, OK, United States Review updated:

I applied to become a foster parent. I was denied based on information the foster care division recieved. The informaiton was not correct, nor are they following their policy. I called and explained to them that they did not have the correct information but they refused to investigate further. Misty and her subordinate, Jennifer Mckee, accused me and my husband of being unfit parents. After speaking to both of them and offering them proof that contridicts their results, they still refuse to investigate further and learn the truth. Due to this information being incorrect, my charter has been called into question. The foster care division of DHS are ill equipped to decide who is fit for foster care and who is not. My main concern is that they are giving children to foster homes that brand them with a potato masher rather than taking the time to investigate information for a family who is well equipped and willing to take another child into their home. I do not feel as if I can interact with DHS, due to the report from the foster care division, without DHS being biased toward my family. They have smeared my family's excellent name without proper investigation and conclusions.

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  7th of Oct, 2009
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Welcome to the world of dealing with OKDHS! They don't care who they destroy or how they do it! We were model foster parents for almost 10 yrs. We promoted foster care and adoption wherever we went. While we were foster parents I angered some of the incompetent workers because I expected them to do their job. Then false allegations of abuse were made against us and that almost destroyed our lives and our family. OUr children are now emotionally scarred not from abuse, but from the abuse of OKDHS.

Their "burden of proof" is far lower than any criminal court. An angry neighbor can call in 30 false reports of child abuse and because of the sheer number of reports, DHS will say it is true! They will lie to get you to allow them into your home, threaten you with the police if you don't let them in, and scare you into forefiting your constitutional rights because you know your innocent and have nothing to hide. They can lie in court and there is no accountability for it because they are immune from prostitution.

I tell you this not to scare you, but to inform you of just how dangerous Child Welfare workers can be. Many of them have a god complex because they have so much power.I know that you are hurt about the character assaisnation. Frankly your lucky you didnt get approved as a foster parent. It is a nightmare to have them in your life!
The Oklahoma Family Rights Coalition is committed to making OKDHS accountable for falsely accusing people of abuse. We feel that far too many children are removed from homes unnecessarily. We advocate for more inhome services for families.. Please take a look at our website

  7th of Feb, 2011
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I hae gotten a sneak peak into the DHS system and of course the Court system too.
They are terrible. The laws need to be changed!!
One lady got turned in because her house wasn't clean enough for the neighbor. So they took the kid! No second chance no nothing. This is worse than the criminal system. At least there they get out on parole.
They did return the child. Said they didn't want her. They couldn't place her. She is mildly [censor]ed!

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