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On april.9th.2017. While on my laptop it froze, a porno pop-up appeared on my screen and a loud voice telling me to stop - dont touch anything on your computer, it has been locked down by microsoft windows because it has been intruded by an unsafe source! I was told to phone the phone number displayed to have microsoft unlock my computer! I did so, spoke with a woman called abby who told me to type in certain numbers that would unlock the computer. A small screen appeared and I typed in the numbers she was giving me! She then told me my p. C was badly corrupted & for a small fee windows would install a program that would prevent this ever happening again! I said o. K. As up to now I trusted microsoft. She said she was transferring me to windows technical dept. I then spoke with a man and did ask him if he worked for microsoft. He told me microsoft hires this company to deal with this problem! I gave them permission to take over my p. C. To install their protection program. I was charged $159 usd.= $205 can. From my debit account after I got off my p. C I phoned my granddaughter, she told me I had been hacked & given control over to this company, who would now be able to see all my credit & bank cards, including my s. I. N. I. D.! I phoned my bank and yes the money had indeed been paid to okaytech. My bank cancelled my card. I phoned this company @ [protected]. & told them I had changed my mind & to cancel my order and asked for a refund, as I now knew they were a fraudulent company. They refused to return my money! After many phone calls they agreed to refund me $80 usd.! I kept checking with my bank and to date no refund has come into my account from them! My bank manager told me to ask them to send me a confirmation email stating they will send this refund. After 2 weeks of phone calls and emails, they did send me an email of confirmation. I keep phoning about the refund, they keep giving me the run around saying it takes 7-10 days before it will show in my account. I keep telling them I have been waiting since apr.10th, to present time for this refund. To date no refund has been paid! One other trick they pull is to keep changing the above number, an operator comes on telling me if I want the new number I had to pay $3.90 to be told the new number! I did pay because I was desperate to get through to them. New number was [protected]. I got no answer, it just kept ringing, I hung up and 5 mins later they phoned me! They keep changing their number and costs $3.90 to get their newest number each time! It looks like I will never get my refund and have suffered the loss of the rest of my money! As a senior my only income is old age pension, this fraud was devastating for me to recover from, it has put me behind one month with all my other financial bills, almost impossible to get caught up again! It cost me another $125 to have my p. C cleaned. I hope this will warn people not to fall victim to this company as I have! I have reported this to microsoft windows, I had been told by other people not to expect any help from them - and sure enough I haven't! They simply ignore my emails, you can not find a phone number for them anywhere! A horrible callous - un-compassionate company, guess they have become to big now to care about the people who put them there!

Apr 28, 2017

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