Ojas Modular Panel Craft / Poor Quality & Bad Services

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Dear all,

I had a very bad experience in placing an order for furniture and my biggest mistake was to refer my close friends who in-turn suffered due to this. After placing an order for ply based furniture, the supply was in particle board. The finish of the product as promised is rotten to the core. Sad, that these kind of fraudulent manufacturers exist in Bangalore and boast of claims which is beyond comprehension. The actual value of the supplies when compared with others is almost 45% more and supplies made is of particle. The supplies made in the last month and the furniture is already peeling in most of the places. SAD SAD

I hope people wake up to these hoax and fraudulently operating companies and force them to shut.
I personally warn all those prospective buyers from OJAS MODULAR PANEL CRAFT on Magadi Road to be wary of this company in Bangalore and look for an alternative source and be happy.

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