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I cannot get through to anyone!!! You guys sent me a 1099-G saying you paid me $620, yet I have documentation showing you denied my claim. I have not received a dime from you guys when I was out of work!!! I would like to file my taxes and not have to include your fake payment on my tax return but I don't want to be spark an audit or file my taxes wrong because of your error! Nobody answers your phones. I have called for the past week and EVERY SINGLE TIME it says you are too busy to answer the calls and says try again later! This is unacceptable for 2016!! Put my call in queue and call me back when you have a rep available!!!No wonder nobody has faith in the freaking government!!!

Jan 27, 2016
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  • Sh
      Feb 23, 2016

    you people don't worry about anyone but yourselves. government is a joke. they don help anyone. don't care if people are complaining as long as they have their pockets full is all that matters to them. unemployment is a joke. people off work for season going through things not necessary suppose to help ones that don't have jobs find work but they are more interested in ruining peoples lives. America isn't what is was meant to be . do your jobs for a change and make unemployment pay the people they are to pay. you people in office cant even do your jobs. make it right for once do what is suppose to be done and make unemployment pay the people that's on lay off from jobs.

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