Ohio Unemployment Compensation / I want to know why my wife cannot receive Unemployment compensation?

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My wife works a seasonal job at a Dairy Queen franchised restaurant. She has worked there for at least 6 years and every year of her layoff she is denied unemployment compensation. This year she has worked more hours then ever and still is denied. Typically the business will open late February or early March (weather depending) and stays open until the 2nd week of December. Her gross earnings for the year 2015 was 9, 474.98 at a wage of 8.10 per hour. She does sell Avon on the side during the year and has reported that, however she makes very little from it to live off of it. She does have some illness that she is dealing with, but she also reported that, and they are suppose to consider her illness as a reasoning that shouldn't hinder her from compensation. She is planning on going to back to work at the Dairy Queen when the business opens back up. As she has done for the past 6 years. My biggest problem with all of this's paid into, she is entitled to the compensation, ...she was not wrongfully laid off, nor did she quit on her own. It's part of how the business operates, and my past experience working summer help or tempo help is that I always received my compensation and I never made close to the amount that she made on the year at that time. We have people living a lifestyle and a livelihood on welfare compensation and food stamps and basically taking advantage of the system by not even trying to go to work, even at a Dairy Queen or what not, and they get things handed to them. Meanwhile my wife works hard to do what she does and make an honest living in this great country we call The United States Of America. Thank you

Jan 26, 2016

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