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Ohio Carpet Distributors, Inc. / Shoddy Workmanship, Terrible Service!

1 United States

I purchased carpet and tile to be installed. The same installer put in both. The carpet was installed with few problems, although he did scratch up the baseboard. Since I had to repaint it anyway, I didn't complain. The tile job was a completely different story.

First of all, I was told it would be a two day job. All he had to do was install tile on three steps and an approximate 3' x 3' landing. During the 5-day installation nightmare, I had to listen to him complain about how much money he was making, that he wasn't a tile guy, tile wasn't his thing, that the job wasn't bid correctly and that the store was going to go out of business because all the owners did was fight.

I had several people from the store out to my house during the installation, because it was clear this guy didn't know what he was doing. He tore up the existing carpet, and left all the staples in the floor. I asked him if that wouldn't crack the tile because of the uneven surface, and I was told that he was going to "goop" adhesive to cover them up. I pulled all the staples myself. He never measured a thing. He started at the edges instead of the middle, and none of the corners where the tiles meet are square. He didn't cut the tiles correctly, and there are big gaps between the edge of the floor and the walls. He did his best to pile enough grout in there to cover his mistake, but it looks awful. There are piles of grout in some places, and no grout in others. He gouged my paneling, and smeared grout all over the place. He scored my driveway where he cut the tile, and dumped grout and tile dust all over my driveway, and then proceeded to track it in the house. There is grout dust ground into my brand new carpet, and also an existing carpet in the basement, where he cleaned up his tools.

Now the ownership has decided (and told me as much) that it will cost them too mmuch money to tear up the tile and do it right. They state that I "can't be satisfied, " as if I'm being unreasonable. They told me to sue them, because there is nothing more they are willing to do for me.

Stay away from this place - this has been a nightmare from beginning to end.


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