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O'hare Honda / Deceptive/Incompetent Service

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This is a note that I sent to O'Hare Honda after my frustration with their service department mounted.

I brought my vehicle in for service on March 24, 2008. During that visit, my vehicle was damaged and since that time, I have been working with the dealership to resolve the matter. However, each time the vehicle is serviced, more issues arise and promises are made that are not being honored. I wanted to send this email to express my concerns and hopefully find some way to resolve this matter.

I wanted to provide the history of the situation so that it can be viewed in the proper context. The dates below are to the best of my recollection.


March 24
I initially brought my vehicle (a 2007 Odyssey) in for service because of a rubbing sound that occurred when the driver's side window was lowered. O'Hare diagnosed the problem as being associated with the regulator and replaced the part along with some of the weather stripping (run channel) along the pillar that frames the driver's side window.

March 25-March 30
I picked up the vehicle the evening the repair was completed and parked it at home. Over the next few days, we drove the van very sparingly as we have two family vehicles.

A few days after the repair had been completed we noticed a number of issues. The tape that wraps the pillar had been damaged during the removal or installation of the run channel. In addition, the driver's side door panel had been scuffed down to the uncolored plastic. We brought the vehicle to the dealership and expressed our concern. We were asked to leave it for Frank Lorek to inspect.

March 31-April 3
We were informed that the vehicle would be repaired by Color All. We left the vehicle with the dealership on April 1 for the work to be completed. On April 2, we picked up the vehicle, and noticed that the pillar had a different look and feel than the rest of the pillars. When we inspected the work more closely, we found that the pillar had been painted rather than taped, and, the paint was peeling off. We immediately raised a concern with the Service Advisor (Ron) who informed us that he would order the tape to fix the pillar.

The next day, in the sunlight, we noticed some more issues. There was overspray inside the van from painting the pillar. The overspray was mainly on the door panel and also the driver's side sliding door pillar.

We immediately contacted the dealership to make them aware of the additional issues.

April 22
Brought the vehicle back to correct all issues. From our discussions with Ron, we were under the impression that Color All would not be working on our car. We also made comments to everyone who we came into contact with regarding our aversion to allowing Color All any where near our car. We were informed that Frank was personally overseeing the work because of the issues.

April 23-April 24
Called dealership and we were informed that our vehicle was taken to Color All (against our expressed wishes). My wife contacted Frank and his response was that Color All caused the issue and therefore should correct it. We picked up the vehicle in the evening, and, noticed that the door panel had not been replaced, and now, the chrome trim along the driver's side door and sliding rear door had been scratched up and kinked. The dealership did make an attempt to clean up the door panel with some sort of solvent sprayed on a rag. However, the solvent caused more harm than good. It discolored the mirror cover and the control panel on the driver's side door.

Frank suggested a meeting with Color All to go over the issues. When we continued to express concern with using their services, he told us either they were going to fix the issues or nothing would be done. We felt forced into using them.

April 25
Met with Frank as well as Color All to go over the issues. During this meeting, Frank insisted that the door panel had been replaced - however, his story changed when the overspray was pointed out. The agreement at this point was to replace the door panel, upper and lower chrome trim, control panel and mirror cover with new parts.

During this discussion, Frank told my wife that after the issues were resolved, we should not come back to the dealership as he could not make us happy.

May 3- May 5
Vehicle left again for repair. We picked up the vehicle on May 5, and, noticed that not much had been done. The door panel has not been replaced (the same overspray is still on the panel), the trim was not replaced but rather buffed. I can tell this because the trim looks hazy and the same kink is still visible. In addition, the mirror cover is not secured properly, and, to top it off, the key fob remotes no longer control the doors (a new issue). Finally, one last item. I climbed up onto the running boards tonight, and, there is overspray all over the top of the vehicle. I am including pictures to show this as well as a couple of spots of overspray that are still on the door panel which should confirm that it has not been replaced.


What I want is simple. I want my vehicle to be put into the same condition it was in prior to me bringing it in for service (something that has been promised numerous times). I am not sure why this has been so difficult. So there is no confusion, here is what needs to be done:

1. The door panel and chrome trim should be replaced with new parts
2. The overspray should be removed from the roof
3. The remotes should function
4. The mirror cover should be properly affixed


For what it's worth, I have been a customer since the late 1980's. I brought my 1983 Honda Accord in for a lot of repair work. I purchased my first new car from O'Hare in 1995 and my wife did the same in 1999. I tried to purchase a S2000 in 2001, but, the sales manger did not consider me to be a serious buyer and would not allow me to drive the car. So, I left and purchased the car from Rosen (they let me drive the car)! Because of this incident, I stopped coming to the dealership for a while, but, changed my mind when it came time to purchase the Odyssey. I figured I would give it another shot, so, I spoke to some sales people and we just couldn't work the deal because you did not have the inventory and we weren't interested in a dealer trade. In any event, I have serviced all of my vehicles with you for many years (even for oil changes...).

At this point, I am beyond angry. I am insulted by the way I have been treated; especially given my loyalty to your dealership. This seems to have been an exercise in deception, incompetence and/ or carelessness... To top it all off, I am being asked not to return to the dealership. How sad is that???

I look forward to your reply.

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  • Rh
      9th of Jul, 2008
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    I had a similar experience with O'hare Honda when they changed my oil, I returned to pick up my Pilot in the evening and the next morning I noticed my doors were squeaking. I took it to the body shop and he told me they did not lift the vehicle properly, therefore causing under carriage damage, fender damage, and door damage. I am in the process of having the vehicle repaired at my own body shop that they are paying for and my rental they are paying for but it took many phone calls and trips back to the dealer with them telling me it was my fault before I got any relie[censored] They were rude to and saying it must have been done by me. I had to make phone calls to Honda Corporate to get them to cooperate at all. Now I will have a report for repairs on my carfax report. My vehicle was not even a year old. I still may have them replacing my vehicle with a new one before I'm done!!!

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