OHACEmployee Treatment/Work Environment


The website is so misleading as far as what an employer is getting themselves into by working at the Dallas OHAC location. This is written from the prospective of a CSR (in office Customer Service Rep).

Interview: I was asked the following illegal questions by the owner - "Do you have kids...Who will take care of them...Are you married...What will your husband think of the hours, can your family handle it...?" This should've been my red flag!

Unprofessional: Many times while I and other CSR's were on the phone w/a client, there would be yelling and/or cussing going on in the background. The CSR Manager and Owner were the main ones causing this racket. I actually had a client hang up as a result of what he overheard a manager saying.

Inconsistant Procedures: Things were constantly changing, many times without warning. The script (among other things) was changed many times while I was employed there. If you made a "mistake" for something you were totally unaware was part of the new procedure(s) then you will still get your butt chewed. You were expected to automatically know certain things that are common only to an HVAC technician - this happened to me one day, and I was berated then and 2-3 days afterward by the owner and somewhat by the President. For any "mistake", you were made to feel like an idiot (despite the fact your being trained poorly). Forget trying to explain yourself in any way - conversations are always manipulated and one-sided. The manager made the same kinds of mistakes, but always covered them up and was the first to jump on you when you made them.

Training for a CSR consisted of watching the manager take and book calls for a couple of days and being given a few lists and a script that is typed up on the spot. About 8 mo. or more into my employment, I was given more or less what I'd call REAL training by being sent to a 3-day course offered by the OHAC company (not the franchise), but after being in an environment of constant chaos and yelling, I had to leave.

Unless you have a very tough skin and desperately need the job. The only positive thing I can say is that the General Manager was and probably still is working very hard to turn things around - and also it toughened me up a bit. Now I know how great the company I work for now is, and I hate hearing others complain about mine!

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