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1 WA, United States

Ordered dress as pictured on website. When it arrived, it barely remotely resembled the one online. We ordered "grape" color, the dress we received was hot pink with a thin purplish overlay. Looked like it was sewn by a child. Strapless and one side was probably a C cup and the other was more like a DDD - so the center of the sweetheart neckline wasn't even in the middle. The picture showed detailed beadwork with crystals, the dress came with a few silver sequins scattered around and already falling off. The set-in waistband from the original was just a sash tacked to the outside of the dress we received - with RED thread - with a knot showing on the outside of the sash off to the side of the front of the dress - and the stitching came apart when she tried the dress on. Totally unwearable and not what we ordered. I paid $100 for the dress, and their shipping papers declared the value of the package at $10! I followed the return instructions - sending an email within 2 days of receipt of dress - only to be asked to provide pictures the following evening. I took several pictures and sent them along with the picture of the dress we ordered. I heard nothing for the next day, then when they responded, this is what they said:
Thank you for your pictures.
Sorry for your dissatisfaction, I apologize to you for the trouble we brought to you.
As we tailor the dress according to the picture and it is handmade, so it is not 100% pretty as the picture shown which is a designer dress, hope you can understand this, thank you so much
According to our store policy, we accept returning and we will refund the dress price after we get customer's parcel. But as we consider that customers need pay a lot for the returning postage, so we recommend our customers to keep the dress and we can offer partial refund, and if you need, we can offer picture of this dress, so you can sell on ebay:)
I apply to our manager for you, and she agrees us to offer you 20% refund, it is the most I can apply for you, hope you can think about it^_^
We really want to help you for this issue,
Sincerely, "
It wasn't even signed by anyone, clearly a form message. Still without the required return form information requested. So their scam is to require payment at time of order, send you a piece of garbage, and then refuse to abide by the return policy. I paid about $15 to ship it here, why would it cost much more to ship it back? They are offering me 20% back or nothing? At this point, they have now admitted that they are fraudulently representing that they have relationships with the designers and then admitting that they are simply creating a knock-off in reality. If I buy something online, the picture is supposed to be representative of what I'm buying - this is clearly a scam they are getting away with every day.


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