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I`m from Bulgaria. I have bought tickets from I`ve paid 1000 pounds for Chelsea-Juventus football game in London. We did not received the tickets in the hotel as promissed. We have stayed there for 2 days with no other reason than seeing the game, but unfortunatelly not.
Don`t buy from them...we have tryed to get our money back, but its not possible. They have changed the phone numbers and they don`t respond to my e-mail.
What should i do? I want my money back!


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  • As
      Apr 15, 2009

    Hi, I'm from Norway and have just experienced exactly the same. We bought 8 tickets for the Liverpool-Fulham match. But the tickets were never delivered to the hotel as agreed, and I am not able to get in touch with them. No answer on the phone. No reply to my email. I have tried to email them on several emailaddresses, but no ansvar yet.

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  • Bu
      Apr 19, 2009

    I do have a very bad experience with companies called Official Tickets Ltd. ( and (kind of subsidiary of Official Tickets co., I think)
    Together with my seven friends a ordered football tickets and to be short these are the problems we had to face during our trip:
    - I purchased tickets in British pounds currency, finally I had to paid (was charged) in EURO currency with extra fee of about 10% as conversion fee (BP to Euro) of some bank located in Seychelles where this company has account probably!!
    - Tickets promised to be at my requested place 2-4 day before game takes place. After arriving to UK (from Slovakia btw) we still didn’t have tickets even a day before game.
    - After few hours of calling with representatives of company, I had so bad feeling while calling with couple of theme!!, we received tickets at midnight the day before game.
    - the seats we finally got weren’t at the location we requested (even we paid extra for it!!)
    - Nevertheless, game was great!!
    - After one month I got email that they are still missing 8 tickets/cards from me and I should send them back. Thnig is that I sent tickets to them the day after game in envelope provided.
    - I was told by them that they will charge me for next football game where these tickets would be used if they would have them
    - they finally received them from Royal Mail (tickets were probably lost on the way)
    I don’t recommend this experience so I don’t recommend these online ticket selling companies!!

    good luck with your online purchases but dont trust to this ticket store!!

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  • St
      May 20, 2009

    Hi. I'm from Norway too. Me and my buddy order 2 tickets to Liverpool - Real Madrid game. 600 pound.
    We will never get the money back, BUT IF we had done a reseach om official tickets we would have understand that this companye is a froud!

    This is just sick.

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  • Al
      Jun 02, 2009

    Hi, I´m from slovakia a and I have very bad experience with Company Official Tickets Ltd. ( and We bought 4 tickets for Juventus c/a Chelsea (Torino 10.3.09) but the tickets never delivered to the hotel in Torino as agreed. and no answer on the phone and no reply to my email no money back 1200€. It was fraud!


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  • Ba
      Sep 09, 2011 - Unfair
    United States overcharged us with £100. the price i agreed to pay online was £500 and the payment that has gone out of my bank acc was £600. They actually said the original price was the equivalent of €700 (at the seychelles exchange rate) therefore the final charge. When i wrote to them to say that the seychelles bank never had that exchnage rate they never replied. Tickets were due to be delivered in advance but the night before the show they called to say we have to go and meet an individual near the show location. Lots of phone calls and promises that the tickets will be delivered in time took place. They have 6 tel numbers online but they're all directed to the same number. The voice mai is always full and they're customer service is hopeless. The person who called to ask us to come the meet the a guy to pick up the tickets was very rude and said he's got his money anyway!

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