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Official Tickets / no refund

Sweden Review updated:
The company Official Tickets liased with Tickets-4U in the UK does not comply with refunding money when an event has been moved. A wild goose chase through several email addresses occurrs when asking for a refund (Euro 500) and no names are given or qustions aswered. Bad publicity for the Seychelles to have such offshore companies operating there.


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  22nd of Dec, 2008
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Official Tickets LtD is a scam online business and their T&C cover their illicit business practice. Never buy from there!!!
Same situation here. They never delivered the tickets that we bought for the Premier League and refused to do a refund.
My bank actually told me that i am covered by the Consumer Act in the UK and agreed to investigate and arrange a reverse of charge for me.
  12th of Mar, 2009
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We have bought 4 tickets for the Juventus vs Chelsea match which was held on 10th March in Turin from Officiel Tickets Ltd / Tickets-4U.
We flew out there and stayed in a hotel just to see that match. We have paid nearly 1000 euro for the tickets.

We have NOT received our tickets inspite of their promisement. Our disappointment is not able to be said and we are still shocked.

We want our money back because it is NOT FAIR!!!
If someone has a good idea where to start, please reply.

Thanks a lot and do not forget: NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM ANY MORE!!!

  15th of Mar, 2009
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We have just been let down by tickets4U who did not deliver tickets for Man U vs Liverpool on Saturday 14th Mar 09. We are taking legal action and will ensure these clowns suffer. Hopefully, this will avoid problems for future potential customers. They are lowlife!!
  20th of Mar, 2009
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Tickets-4u should be avoided like the plague. After paying £300 for a pair of premiership tickets 3 months in advance of a game, I was assured (when I finally got a response) right up until 3 days before the game that my tickets would arrive. Suffice it to say that they never did and I am now trying to recoup the money for the tickets which were bought as a 40th birthday present.
The customer service is appauling - I was told to 'keep quiet' twice when I asked the representitive to repeat what she had said - and the lines of communication are all but non-existent..
  24th of Mar, 2009
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I travelled from Australia to the UK to see some English Football. I purchased 4 tickets from official-tickets.net for the Manchester United VS Inter Milan Champions League match (2) on 11th March and Manchester United VS Liverpool (2) on the 14th March worth 974 pounds.

After numerous assurances (email & phone) that I would recieve my tickets I was left high and dry in Manchester for both games. I had already organised accomodation and travel but ended up watching both games in a pub.

I chased them for my refund by phone and sending emails and I was send a reply from the accounts department assuring me of my refund. Now i have travelled back to Australia and am yet to recieve any compensation.

I have now found out that the website has been shut down by authorities and they are not contactable via phone or any other means.

I would like to get in contact with anyone who has information on to take a course of action and also any other person who has had this happen to them as we could take action as a group.

My email address is jameshanna187@hotmail.com.

James Hanna.
  26th of Mar, 2009
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I was on tickets4u website and seen a great deal for Chelsea V Watford football match on 14th Feb 09 ... for my boyfriends Valentines present.

Wishing to order two tickets, tickets-4u.com added an extra three tickets to my order. The bill for these five tickets came to £525. Under this amount was the Euro amount of the tickets. Which was 635 Euros.

When I received my invoice, via email I read I had print off the invoice, sign it and scan it back to them within 48 hours.

Now before accepting to buy these tickets I read the terms and conditions. It was not stated in the terms and conditions that I had to do such a thing.

I am serving in the Royal Navy. At the time of purchasing the tickets I didn’t have the use of printing and faxing facilitates.

If I knew I had to print off he invoices for confirmation I wouldn’t have bought the tickets in the first place.

Days later I was charged from my bank account £605.50!!! Where has this number come from? It was meant to be charged £525!

3 days before the match I received a hand written letter ( in red pen) to my house address saying I have to meet someone at a pickup point in London ( remember London is quite a big place!! ) 2 hours before the game.

If any body has the any advice I would be so great full.

Hope to here from someone.

  26th of Mar, 2009
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I should read this site absolutely BEFORE buing, now I'm wiser. I received email below:
The tickets will be delivered to the hotel 1 day, before the match.
Best Regards,
Contact Department
Phone: +44-(20)-3150-0122

BUT they never delivered tickets worth 250 pounds. They don't answer email or phones.

  27th of Mar, 2009
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This crowd are a total rip off, I paid £198.00 for two tickets to the Arsenal versus Blackburn game on the 14th March.

While we got our tickets delivered to our hotel, and we got to see the game, i suppose we were lucky, but we probably got the worst seats in the Emirates, behind the goal in the last row, as I had booked the tickets well before Xmas, I was very disappointed with this.

Also the price on each ticket was £38, so they had added another £61 to each ticket, the handling fee was £3o per ticket which was crazy.

Don't buy tickets from Official tickets!
  31st of Mar, 2009
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I purchased tickets from Official-Tickets.net for Man Utd v Inter Milan. 2 days before the event, I was called and told they were not able to get tickets. I have not received my promised refund. There website has now vanished and the phone numbers/ email doesn't work. I am pursuing the money through my credit card company.

  3rd of Apr, 2009
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i ordered tickets from official tickets, never got them, even though i was riniging them weeklly for the few months b4 game, they have no intention of even giving anyone their tickets or money back, they are liars, scammers and no better than common theifs, thats all they are.
HOW are they still operating??
  8th of Apr, 2009
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I bought tickets from official tickets and received them from tickets 4U. The tickets were delivered late the date before the game and after a number of calls to tickets 4U. The tickets received were season tickets in other persons names and were supposed to be returned after the match. When I tried to enter the game the tickets were rejected and blocked.

DO NOT USE Official tickets or Tickets 4U. There is absolutly NOT official tickets.

  28th of Apr, 2009
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I also bought tickets from these con men Chelsea v Everton for 18/04/09. never recieved them, no reply, and now 28/04/09 their phone lines are down and their web site is also gone.
Hope the ba---rds rot in hell for the greife they caused.
T O B. ireland
  17th of May, 2009
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same here. I bought the tickets for Inter vs AC Milan on 15-Feb. They didn't sent me the ticket and I was at Milan watching TV.

How can they do that? Can we call the police?
Now I am asking VISA to investigate the matter and I don't think I need to pay!

Hong Kong
Tel: 852 6011 1917
Email: dennis.ip@hotmail.com
  13th of Jun, 2009
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Hi All,

i am shocked how many people are in the same situation...

i heard something that they might created a new webpage... but doing the same ###... so be careful and do not trust them!

finally we got our money back... good to know, if u use ur Visa card for online purchasing... u r protected automatically... contact ur local bank...

hope it helps u...

regards, sz

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