Official Hotel & Resort GuideAwful service


I am a administrative support person for a large hotel. I received a suspicious-looking invoice from this company. Upon presenting it to the controller and director of sales, both said we had never purchased advertising space in anything by that name. The amount of the invoice was $349.50, and it had very few other details. When I called the number on the invoice to request a copy of the signed contract and copy of the advertisement, I received a grainy message stating, Thank you for calling Official Hotel and Resort Guide. Our call is important to us, but all our representatives are currently helping our other customers. Please leave your name, number and a detailed message after the tone. I left a message requesting the information, but did not receive a call back. In other large companies, invoices like this may fall through the cracks. A check would be cut for $350 and sent off, when in fact, no real service was provided.

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